Standup meetings in Slack

Tatsu is a Slack bot that enables your teams to perform standup meetings on Slack and sends each participant the meeting notes.



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Michel Op 't Landt@micheloptlandt · Co-founder at Bundle
Nice idea, just wondering about the price point. As mentioned, you could easily create a #standup channel yourself and notify everyone with an @channel message so the $1 per member per month feels a bit expensive (considering this is yet another bill you need to process as well).
Jamie WrightMakerPro@jwright · Creator of Tatsu
@micheloptlandt Hey Michael. Thanks for the question. I feel that Tatsu offers a lot of benefit over just a channel. It offers structure and a good flow. A lot of people use the saved answers as an easy way to review what they did without having to comb back through a channel. We have been using it for several months and decided it was well worth a $1 per participant.
Michel Op 't Landt@micheloptlandt · Co-founder at Bundle
@jwright I understand, but emotionally the $1 feels expensive comparing it to the $6,67 you pay per user per month for the Slack Standard Plan.
Timothy VarnerHunter@timvarner · Founder, Roost
Tatsu is a plugin that allows teams to perform asynchronous standups in Slack. @kwdinc hunted this a few weeks back, but it was in beta at the time so it was pulled from the public listing. It's live now....
Jamie WrightMakerPro@jwright · Creator of Tatsu
Hey all, I am the developer behind Tatsu. I built it because we needed it and we have been using Tatsu for the last few months for our remote team and it's helped our communication tremendously and eliminated a lot of distractions. If you have any questions please let me know, I would love to answer them.
Kevin McAlear@kevinmcalear · Developer, Amazon
Great idea! I've been showing dev shops and small digital teams the product and I'm excited to play around with it.
Samson@yeesamson · Market Intelligence at Yahoo! Japan
@jwright Greetings from Tokyo. How is the information collected from the 3 questions presented? Is it in a pretty email? (Just to give you a heads up, tatsu - to stand, also infers an erection in Japanese)
Jamie WrightMakerPro@jwright · Creator of Tatsu
@yeesamson Hey Samson. The activity is sent via email (unless you opt out) but it can also be accessed via the account activity up to 3 months ago. We'll just take the to stand definition :)