Kyber for Slack

All-in-one Slack app: tasks, standups, polls, surveys & more

Kyber is an all-in-one Slack app that offers:

✅ Task & Project management

👥 Standup meetings

📊 Polls

❓ Surveys

🗣 Message scheduling

📅 Meetings

All inside Slack.

Additionally, with Kyber Templates you can create, customize and configure your own “micro-apps” to handle your specific use cases, with no development required.

  • Sandhya Venkatachalam
    Sandhya VenkatachalamGeneral Partner, Social Capital

    Easy to use templates, cost effective


    Not available on other messaging platforms

    I am a venture investor and use this with my extended team (Associates, finance, data scientists etc). Many of my portfolio companies use this product as well and find the new templates useful to quickly setup custom workflows without spending time coding. The new "all in one" approach saves from having to jump around to different apps. Also eliminates the endless back and forth that sometimes happens when messaging in Slack.

    Sandhya Venkatachalam has used this product for one year.
  • Roberto Mari
    Roberto MariHi-Tech Geek and PM

    Great Value for our Team and users.



    Until now, I have been using Kyber with my team to track day by day tasks in each channel; I really like the ability to turn existing messages into tasks with actions. The new templates seem a game changer. I already setup a couple and the team immediately interacted.

    Roberto Mari has used this product for one month.
Hi Product Hunt community! We are very excited to share with you Kyber for Slack. Kyber is the result of 2+ years of research and experimentations in the uncharted territory of messaging apps and conversational UIs, supported by over 5,000 customer interviews and feedback sessions. We built Kyber around 3 fundamental pillars: 1. Actionable “primitives” (e.g. task, poll, meeting, question, message, etc) identified after deconstructing most common messaging interactions 2. Automated workflows designed around those primitives (e.g. delegation, reminder, completion, approval, report generation, etc) 3. Customizable and configurable templates to enable use cases based on those primitives and workflows (e.g. standup meetings, team announcements, surveys, meeting scheduling, team presence, etc.) As a result, you can now make your Slack conversations more actionable and accountable by running Kyber apps in Slack instead of switching to external ones - a well known productivity killer. A list of action items created with Kyber is then generated for each Slack #channel, providing a powerful “summary” of what your team has discussed and what needs to be done, saving you from going through hundreds of unread message. Finally, with Kyber templates we want to enable anyone to create their own “micro-apps”: by starting from a template, you can customize the primitives' content and set specific workflow parameters to best adapt to your own needs. Let us know what you think and request in your comment the special 50% off Product Hunt discount ;-).
Wow. Fantastic.
@katya_cherepenko Thank you, Katya!
great product ! its very useful and i like it.
@himansh75594075 Thank you, Himanshu
I loved @polly_ai - but this is real competition there... @goelnavin @sivola
@elizabethhunker Polly is a great app so thank you for the kind words! Happy to give you a quick live demo of the overall product if you wish and collect your inputs. Let me know!
We starting using Kyber as our primary calendar after setting up our company in Slack. It was the best plugin option; we also use the stand alone app for scheduling, meetings and reminders. --- looking forward to the new features, especially the standup ui!