Fellow iPad owners, what are your favorite uses for the iPad?

Hannah S Kim
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I'm pretty basic when it comes to technology- I've had a smartphone and a computer since my college days and that's pretty much been enough for me. I got an iPad from a relative as a gift last week, and found myself not reaching for it as much. What do you guys use your iPad for? I know a lot of people use it to write notes, design, read, etc... but is there anything crucial that I'm missing? Let me know! Thanks :)


Naman Kumar
I don't own an iPad but want to. This same questions comes my mind everytime I reach the checkout. What to see what people are using it for.
Aaron O'Leary
Second screen normally, also doodling which is good for relaxing, morning news the increased space coupled with touch makes it a god for content consumption. Note taking.
Hannah S Kim
@aaronoleary Yes I've found that switching back to my phone after watching YouTube or reading on my iPad kind of makes me sad haha.
Hannah S Kim
@danyubmustefa Do you find that your eyes get tired after staring at the screen for too long?
Vineet Sinha
My top uses are (don't judge) 1. Netflix in bed 2. Zillow 3. Deviant Art / Dribbble 4. Second screen for Zoom meetings, so my laptop is freed up 5. Lecture videos in the kitchen
Hannah S Kim
@vineet_sinha Haha no judgement. Definitely guilty of browsing through houses I can't afford on Zillow
Sasha Azcuy
I use Procreate to draw and take notes...Sometimes to watch videos on it.
Phil Co
Writing notes and drawing diagrams and mockups for products. There are great use cases. There are also several apps to have it all synchronized with your mac and iPhone.
I use my iPad to design and edit images! I have found some great apps that are helping me to create very professional images. I have a lot of fun with my iPad :)
Hannah S Kim
@karla_suarez Awesome! I've tried Lightroom on the iPad and it works great, are there any other apps you recommend?
Gunjan Bhardwaj
I mostly use it for writing notes and needless to say, I can't use my iPad without my pencil. I'm a writer and not a typer so creating quick notes really comes handy! I also wrote something on the latest iPadOS updates. Check it out if you have some time: https://www.gunjanbhardwaj.com/p... My husband also uses it to view recipes while cooking (because keeping a laptop in the kitchen takes more space and you can't afford any harm on it). I also use it as a whiteboard (a second display) during conference calls.
Kai Oelfke
Board games with friends, when traveling. Better in-(flight / train / ... )-entertainment.
Ankit Ghosh
I always prefer my iPad over laptop and mobile for Netflix and browsing stuff. Pretty good offering from Apple. Also, I do some minor code or text editing on the go or when I don't want to open my laptop.
Zafer Cakmak
I've ipad air with keyboard and my main usage is reading/answering emails. I also use it for writing blog posts and watching series. It's basicly a modern typewriter for me :)
Devon Meadows
Editing photos in Lightroom CC from Adobe & Apple News + & processing email in HEY
I just got one and started using Procreate for sketching ideas. Just discovered the animation feature in it and WOW!
Jordan Krueger
Netflix Journaling TikTok – which I've removed from my phone Also, I've set my phone to have way fewer notifications (just top headlines in news, work email, calls, a few other top priority apps for my home), but I've let the notifications fly on my iPad. I often have it sitting next to my computer so I can see the notifications when I'm working but not when I'm out and about and don't want my phone buzzing every few minutes. I try and make my iPad more of the "not-phone" device that I pick up when I want to waste time.
Public speaking - I use it for notes. Travelling - I use it for Netflix / Amazon Video.
It's pretty much becoming my go-to-device for work. I use: - Notion: to organise my life, work tasks, book writing, planning new projects - Procreate: I love to draw and it comes in handy whipping for drawing illustrations for websites - Figurative (Figma for iPad): So I can check on UI designs and make changes on the fly if I need to - Netflix/YouTube: When I wanna laze - Domain (Aussie): Looking at houses and dreaming about the one I want to buy - Spark: For managing all of my email accounts on an ipad makes it so easy to manage
Hannah S Kim
@stealthywizard Wow, I didn't know that Figma came out with an editing version, thanks for letting me know! My teammates will be stoked about this :)
Seb Jachec
Using an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard attachment – it’s basically replaced everything that isn’t coding from my MacBook. Darkroom for photo editing, otherwise casual Netflix/YouTube/Twitter. Highly recommend trying out Muse (https://museapp.com/) for any kind of brainstorming/planning/ideation – really is a one of a kind product built for iPad (and Apple Pencil)