Lightroom CC from Adobe

Perfect your photography from shoot to finish.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I always found the last version of Lightroom very sluggish, this update aims to address this. It's now much faster and has a few new tools such as HDR merge and panorama merge. Now could be a good time to try out Lightroom if you haven't before. VSCO have just released a starter pack of filters for the desktop for the first time:
Most interesting part about this: Lightroom CC comes with 1TB of cloud storage included. Defensive against Google Photos?
But is there touchbar support yet?
I've found Lightroom to be the easiest and most powerful photo-editing program. Absolutely love the Adobe ecosystem and recommend anyone interested in photography/design to try it out!
There is no second thought on Lightroom's powerful photo editing abilities. But the current version lack so much in usability and experience. As a photographer and product designer I always found people struggle like hell on the product. The updated version is also the same.