What are the apps you use the most?

Hanna Barzakouskaya
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What value does it bring to you? Let's discover useful and interesting apps just sharing our habits.


Other than the obvious work related apps like Slack, New Gmail I use, * 10% Happier - For meditation * Todoist - For daily tasks or high level planning * Notebook - For low level planning
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@rahulmf I didn't try 10% Happier but I tried a lot of apps for meditation and all the time couldn't find time to use them (or didn't have enough motivation). And now I'm fixing it listening of Yoga nidra. That's not an app and I use a record before falling asleep.
Janett watson
@rahulmf @anna_panchenko I think the only thing that should not need any app, is the meditation, it supposed to be natural and free the mind from any material aspect and focus on the mind. Well that's my opinion :) have a good day!
Simon Dingle
* Twitter - to keep my overwhelming optimism for the future of humanity in check. * Slack - Because my team insists TBH. I grow less enthused by the day. * Zenhub - Who's doing what, tightly integrated with Github. * New Gmail - Because those fuckers killed Inbox. * Lettuce - Because we're building it for ourselves.
Great question! For me: Simple Habit for meditation. Twitter for social media, since I work remote jumping into Twitter is like jumping into the lounge of the virtual space I've created. It's fun.
Sohaib Nadeem
Mostly LinkedIn, Dribbble and Behance(not so frequently) and Instagram
For the moment: producthunt.com :) so I am not a slave to any app, I go with the need
Alex  Chernyshеv
* slack and mail - for office related tasks * whatsapp, uber, pacer, apple music, safari
Most helpful to me: Notion is an amazing workspace app and the way I organize myself nowadays HyperCharts - the best way to get updated on stocks I follow Finally, AppSource is something I am building to help other find great tools
*Notion 2.0 to make my website *YouTube to watch videos
Justin Hales
Coda, Zoom, and Google Calendar. Oh and Superhuman for email.
Paroma Indilo
Love telegram - fast, lean and super flexible and customisable
Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
For a powerful and all in one business automation at an extremely affordable price, we use EngageBay