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#4 Product of the WeekJune 15, 2017
Last year, we told you exactly who we are (Twitter is what’s happening!) and refreshed our brand. Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from you, we’re refreshing our product too and making it feel lighter, faster, and easier to use.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
The new design feels cleaner. Perhaps the greatest addition: "Links to articles and websites now open in Safari’s viewer in the Twitter app so you can easily access accounts on websites you’re already signed into.*" Note that they moved the profile button to the top left, leaving 4 main navigation buttons at the bottom and room for one more. What might they add? I'd bet on a "TV" button. 🤔
Wilhem Pujar
Wilhem PujarHiring@wilhempujar1 · CEO at Stacktical
@rrhoover I'd bet on a rocket icon.
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
@rrhoover thank god! The "whoops you're out of free articles" is one of the worst notifications.
Alex Bauer
Alex BauerHiring@alexdbauer · Product Marketing —
@rrhoover unfortunately that benefit is about to disappear in iOS 11...I wrote about it a bit here:
Maksim Petriv
Maksim Petriv@talkaboutdesign · Founder of Design Hunt
Seems like even updating to new app version doesn't switch to new UI. A/B Testing or forgot to flip the switch?
Ben Guild
Ben Guild@benguild
@talkaboutdesign yeah I downloaded it as well and it's still the old one. I'm wondering if it has to do with locale
James U
James U@jimmy_u · hospitality management specialist
@benguild same!
Thanasis@tnsrig · UI/UX @EU_Commission
@talkaboutdesign Same thing here, updated and opened the app and still no change!
Andy Piper
Andy PiperMaker@andypiper · Global Lead Developer Advocate, Twitter
@tnsrig @talkaboutdesign it will roll out over the next few hours - patience! :-)
Kent Fenwick
Kent Fenwick@kentf · Growth, Hubba
@andypiper @tnsrig @talkaboutdesign a few hours, but I want it now!
Robert K.
Robert K.@kurlov · Student. Chess player. Creator.
Still no editing tweets.
Sebastiaan de With
Sebastiaan de With@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
@itisrobertk It's a design change.
Robert K.
Robert K.@kurlov · Student. Chess player. Creator.
@sdw Still no editing Product Hunt comments.
Marat Ryndin
Marat Ryndin@maratryndin · Product Designer, Edgewise Networks
@sdw @itisrobertk Design changes can't have new functionality? That's new.
Marat Ryndin
Marat Ryndin@maratryndin · Product Designer, Edgewise Networks
@itisrobertk Talked to someone on Twitter about this and he's completely against this change. It's what makes Twitter unique as a historical record. Might have a point.
Adam Pokornicky
Adam Pokornicky@callmethebear · Managing Partner, Cryptochain Capital
Much cleaner feel. I like it. For me, I know everyone has different things they wish twitter would improve but I use "Lists" aggressively to have clean feeds and follow different topics. It seems like they addressed it by making lists easier to access from side nav but seems like the easier UX tweek would be to have a dropdown for lists from the bird at the top of our feed. One button to move between lists/feeds.
Jeremy Bauer
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
@callmethebear I'm also a huge Lists user. I'm really glad they've made getting to Lists easier, but I would like Lists to have its own icon in the main app view. Or for a long press on the Home icon to bring up the Lists menu. I feel like it kind of makes sense since Lists are like alternate, customized Home feeds.
Samuel Polat
Samuel Polat@samuelpolat · Student Creator
Omg, finally. 🎉