Financial data on the world's top companies

HyperCharts takes quarterly earnings reports from the world's top companies, and displays them in simple and easy to understand charts.
Allows toggling data πŸ“Š making comparisons βš– and includes a useful earnings calendar πŸ“†
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I love the goal of the makers with Hypercharts - to make financial data available to anyone. Plus, they achieve this super elegantly with a service that is as much informative as it is pleasant to use.


Simple and easy to understand. Beautiful charts focusing on the most important data. Has most of the companies I'm interested in.


It would be useful (for newcomers) to have a section with a glossary of the most used terms. E.g. gross margin, CapEx, etc

Gali is the amazing entrepreneur behind the HYPERCHANGE youtube channel 🀟 Moe is a talented designer/developer πŸ’»πŸ”₯ They partnered together to make HyperChartsπŸ“Š a reality - a tool that makes financial data and SEC fillings more accessible to the public.
This is amazing.
So simple and intuitive!
Damn, this is so slick. I love charts and will be coming back to this site often. Additionally, it would be so cool to have some data on the unicorns as well or at least the ones which had an IPO. (Uber, Pinterest, Lyft, Slack)
@thisiskp_ thanks. All the companies you mentioned are actually already on the site. Here's Uber: https://www.hypercharts.co/uber You can check the nav menu for all companies. And you can request some as well.
@moesalih_ That's awesome. Will check them out!