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Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! Hey Product Hunt We have been working on Engagebay for the last year after struggling with using and managing multiple marketing solutions and keeping all of them in sync. Not to mention dealing with other challenges – data inconsistencies, reporting issues, integration complexities, multiple logins and interfaces, cumulative expenses of these solutions and lot more. It was just getting chaotic and out of control. We finally decided its time to say goodbye to this model and looked out for a simple all-in-one marketing platform. We explored few options but none seemed like a good fit. We found one solid system but unfortunately, they were unaffordable (around $10k a year). This seemed too steep for small businesses and most entrepreneurs getting started. So we decided to create a simple, all-in-one marketing solution for small businesses and make it affordable for everyone. Engagebay offers the following marketing features: 1. SEO tools to optimize your website 2. Run email marketing campaigns 3. Create email sequences 4. Track customer behaviors and automate marketing efforts 5. Create beautiful forms & landing pages 6. Monitor social media for mentions The product is in beta right now and will remain absolutely free to use until April 15, 2018. After the beta completion, the first 1000 PH users will get a flat 50% off on all our paid plans. The paid plans will start from $1 a day. We’ll be here all day answering questions! We’re going to continue refining this system, so we'd appreciate any and all feedback (beta@engagebay.com). It’s time to say goodbye to multi-tool chaos and say hello to an all-in-one marketing solution. Get started with your free account - https://www.engagebay.com/ Happy marketing, folks! Thanks!
Love the product! I've always found HubSpot valuable, but way too expensive. How does EngageBay differentiate?
@juhaszhenderson Matt, I completely agree with you. Hubspot is a great product and we admire the company quite a bit. However, Hubspot costs several hundreds of dollars every month. To be precise, their $800 per month plan provides only 1000 contacts which is a fair requirement for any small business. Also, you'll have to pay upfront for a year to get started (over $12K). Here is the link - https://www.hubspot.com/pricing/... We believe most small businesses and entrepreneurs may not have such expensive marketing budgets, especially when they are building their businesses. With EngageBay, we would like to fill that vacuum and provide the power of all-in-one marketing platform but make it affordable.
@sambati123 Got it. Doesn't HubSpot offer crazy discounts (90% I believe) to startups?
@juhaszhenderson Yes Matt, Hubspot offers massive discounts. 90% is applicable only to seed stage companies (associated with an incubator, accelerator, or VC). For series A companies, it is 50%. They have a lot of qualification criteria though - company age, funding etc. Also, the discount is available only for the first year. After that, you again land up paying the full price - thousands of dollars every year.
Looks interesting. Would like to see product screenshots or help docs on the website. Do you have a link to a video walkthrough.
@leah_gibbs Thanks for the comments. We are working on demo videos and help docs Leah. They should be available in a week. In the interim, we would be glad to give you a demo if you are available. Please let us know. My email is sam@engagebay.com

I found the interface easy to use and no-frills too. Too early to comment on anything else, but if the price point is where they say it is, this can be a good option.


Simple, easy-to-use.


Still trying it out, so will reserve this part for later