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The new version of Gmail web

#3 Product of the MonthApril 2018

Google presents the new version of Gmail web with new security and intelligent features. Do more without leaving your inbox, with easy access to apps including Calendar, Tasks and Keep. Smart Reply helps you respond to messages faster.

Go into settings and select "Try new Gmail"

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric WilsonProduct Lead & Co-founder,

    Integrated calendar widget is cool. Some nice features brought over from Google Inbox (hover buttons, open attachments from list view).


    Does not look great on big monitors. Also, do I really want AI reading my email for "Smart" Replies? Why can't I turn that off?

    Disappointed is how I'd describe my overall reaction to this "new Gmail." Lots of features borrowed from Google Inbox and some other competitors (Protonmail), but nothing resembling the reinvention of the "experience" of using email that I crave. "New Gmail" does not make actually dealing with email any more pleasant for me.

    The most innovative thing about this is probably the "secure message" feature I saw promoted in the press release, but even that doesn't seem enabled yet on my account. But it's not something I would use more than a couple of times a year.

    I still use Gmail for work, but have moved on to greener pastures with my personal email. The cost/benefit of Google invading my privacy no longer pans out.

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  • Pros: 

    Instant access to calendar, smart replies and the new tasks app (although it's very limiting)


    Incoherent design (different elements have either fully rounded or partially rounded edges), compose button, old settings interface

    I don't know what to make of this new interface. There are few things to like - the integrated calendar, tasks, smart replies etc. but the overall design is extremely incoherent.

    I'm not even sure how the compose button made it through all those reviews before production release. Some UI elements seem to have slightly rounded edges (search bar) while others have fully rounded corners (compose, active item in the left side menu).

    This also doesn't appear to be a full redesign. There are remnants of the older UI throughout the product:

    - The settings pages weren't updated. Why?

    - The account dropdown on the top right still has elements of the old UI

    - Hangouts hasn't changed much

    I also don't like the fact that buttons that were super clear in the past are no longer easy to recognize - back, archive etc. They have all been replaced with icons that you need to get used to.

    Nagarjun Palavalli has used this product for one day.
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Ajay Goel
Ajay GoelPro@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
A couple things to know here: The rollout of the new Gmail is STARTING today, so everybody won't get it as an option right away. I'm a Gmail extension maker, and most extension makers were given early access to the new Gmail a couple months ago so they could start adapting their extensions to the new Gmail UI. (I'm actually a bit behind on adapting my extensions, so I'm hoping for a slow rollout.). My personal prediction is that Google will soon abandon Inbox. Here's the evidence: 1) This rollout of the new Gmail, 2) The fact that most Gmail extension makers never adapted their extensions to Inbox, forcing users who rely on them to stay with classic Gmail, and most importantly 3) The introduction of Gmail Add-ons several months ago, which are plugins for Gmail that work on both desktop and mobile. Here's the rub though...the new Gmail Add-on platform ONLY work on Gmail, not Inbox.
Seth Williams
Seth Williams@sethbwilliams · Designer, Product Hunt
Looks great! I'd love to try it out but it's not showing up in settings like the blog says.
Harsha Halvi
Harsha Halvi@halvi · Overlord @TBGlabs
@sethbwilliams So i am not the only one then :/
drea@helloitsdrea · Strategy & Design Thinking
@sethbwilliams Same. I'm dying to try it out, I think this new update will readily kill Boomerang! Now if they can put in calendar scheduling, then Mixmax is also going to be in trouble...
Will's Myth
Will's Myth@jucaslames · Co-Founder, Comic Cartel
drea@helloitsdrea · Strategy & Design Thinking
@sethbwilliams @halvi @jucaslames I have the setting now! It's GLORIOUS! :D
Seth Williams
Seth Williams@sethbwilliams · Designer, Product Hunt
@helloitsdrea Awesome! Glad you got it! Where do you see the notification in settings? Is it at the top? Easy to find?
Julian Miller
Julian Miller@julianmiller · Founder @Learnmetrics
Does anyone know how to enable this for G Suite accounts that were not/are not in the Early Adopter Program?
Yury Molodtsov
Yury Molodtsov@y_molodtsov · Day One Ventures
@julianmiller There isn't a clear way to do that yet.
Jean-Philippe Boily
Jean-Philippe Boily@jipiboily · Founder @ Metrics Watch & Simple Segment
@julianmiller Could not find it either.
Julian Miller
Julian Miller@julianmiller · Founder @Learnmetrics
@y_molodtsov I wish they'd prioritize the folks who pay for G suite.
Matt Gardner
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
Julian Miller
Julian Miller@julianmiller · Founder @Learnmetrics
@thatmattgardner agree or disagree? =)
Luke Hamilton
Luke HamiltonHiring@lukemhamilton · Software Engineer at StackShare
Is this intended to replace Inbox?
Yury Molodtsov
Yury Molodtsov@y_molodtsov · Day One Ventures
@lukemhamilton Inbox has turned into their beta testing tool.
Luke Hamilton
Luke HamiltonHiring@lukemhamilton · Software Engineer at StackShare
@y_molodtsov Ahhh okay, thanks! I wish they would make Inbox full screen on the iPhone X
sam@travelgents · Head of Sales at Marvel App
@y_molodtsov @lukemhamilton yea thought they were going to have to: surely soon
Dillon Nichols
Dillon Nichols@dillon1337
@lukemhamilton Google says it's going to update Inbox. I hope they do
Luke Hamilton
Luke HamiltonHiring@lukemhamilton · Software Engineer at StackShare
@dillon1337 Thanks!
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight ·
Here’s the most interesting bit: “Finally, a new confidential mode allows you to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages—useful for when you have to send sensitive information via email like a tax return or your social security number. You can also make a message expire after a set period of time to help you stay in control of your information.”
Aaron Lee D'Souza
Aaron Lee D'Souza@aaroniclee · Designer/Executive
@frantzlight Question, wouldn't a screengrab defeat this purpose?
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight ·
@aaroniclee Maybe? Here's a line from the WSJ write-up: "When you compose a message, you can turn on Confidential Mode. As the sender, you can set the message to be deleted after a period of time. You can un-send any Confidential Mode message. You can even require the recipient to enter a passcode before they can read it. Messages still live in your sent folder as long as you let them, though, so you should periodically purge the most important stuff."
Justin Miramontes
Justin Miramontes@iamjustinm · Marketing, Pura Vida
@aaroniclee @frantzlight *runs off to purge sent mail for the first time ever*
Jack Treseler
Jack Treseler@jacktreseler · CEO Sapie Space
@frantzlight I actually appreciate that.
Didi Medina
Didi Medina@_mrdidi · Business-minded Product Designer.
@aaroniclee @frantzlight I feel like they're just merging in plugins like mixmax into the native experience. Which s great, one less sub to pay for :)