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We are launching Notebook today and we would love your feedback. We designed Notebook to make it a fun-to-use app. Significant work went into keeping the design clean, get the gestures right and to keep it intuitive. Note-taking is a commodity market. One way to differentiate is to offer significantly better user experience. That is what we tried to achieve with Notebook. Of course, the heart of a note-taking is, well, note-taking. To make it easy, we created what we call Note Cards. These are built-in templates for commonly used note types. Like a text card that can contain anything or a checklist card for quick lists. Audio card for voice notes etc. We make note-taking fun by providing an interactive experience between these note cards. You can group note cards by pinching them together, then flick a group to view them. Similarly, in landscape view, if you observe carefully, note cards behave like magnets when you group/ungroup them; you can even collapse your notes like an accordion. We even went to the extent of having the Notebook covers hand-drawn by our in-house artists. You can find more about these artists and the artwork at https://www.zoho.com/arts/ Like any good note-taking app, the data is synched to the cloud. Works with iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets. Obviously, we are missing few things like the web, desktop apps, browser plugins etc. We are working on them. We are just getting started and we want to hear feedback from the PH community.
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@rajuv Congratulations, it looks like a great app. Maybe it's my reserved Britishness, but I found the "we do this, Evernote doesn't" a bit unnecessary. Your product's features stand out well on its own, and Evernote users already know what it does (and doesn't do!), so I don't think you need to lay this out so bluntly.
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@rajuv I agree that note-taking is a commodity market, but desktop apps are table stakes. Will evaluate your product when you offer macOS and windows apps. (P.S., not chrome add-ons, please.)
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@rajuv Wow, finally a notes app that can take whatever I want it to. Design seems great and I like the fact that you can stack as well as create notebooks. Nice work. :)
@rajuv The app is very well designed. Its very cool and fresh. Probably the best notes app I have seen in a while. It's interesting how so many new note-taking apps are popping up after evernote changed its pricing policy.
@rajuv Are you going to support the iPad Pro and its the Apple Pencil?
ZOHO's logo and menu put me off so much, your site looks good though... Maybe fix theirs?
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@superpencil_ feel ashamed to say the same thing! I actively don't trust the company because of the logo.
@hashim @superpencil_ To be fair, Zoho has been around for over a decade so it's not surprising that their logo seems a bit... dated. Remember when everyone was trying to come up with nonsense words for their brand?
@ryanthejenks @hashim @superpencil_ I'd argue based on daily PH posts that the nonsense naming is still alive and well haha.
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@superpencil_ was just going to say this.
@superpencil_ I’m curious, yes the logo is outdated but I didn’t think a logo that offends no one, would put someone off. (I’m not being sarcastic). Can you please explain how exactly a logo makes you dislike the product? I want to understand the psychology behind it.
Visually pleasing and functionality is also superb. Just missing the Desktop version :) Was looking for an Evernote alternative and I think I just found it :D
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@torchaj desktop would be great, that would make it complete imo
@rajuv big fan of the video. Simple, elegant, and definitely entices me to download. Will get it and have a play around 😊
Not 😞 compatible with Android 4.4. 🙀 did you guys target a lesser audience.