Iā€™m Amrith and I run Social Media at Product Hunt, AMA!

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Happy to answer anything related to Product Hunt, social media, student makers, me(?) šŸ¤— I'd also really appreciate it if you have any suggestions about what you'd like to see us do on social šŸ™


Raghav Arora
Hi Amrith, What do you think about student makers? I see a lot of untapped talent and a huge potential there. How can we encourage students to get out of the traditional college ecosystem and build stuff to solve real world challenges?
@raghav_arora Thanks for the Q! There's definitely been a lot more focus on student makers now than there was 2 years ago and I'm so glad that's the case! Companies like Lambda School, Glitch and Hack Club have been doing an amazing job into getting more students to think out of the box and build stuff to solve real problems! We definitely need more of these communities working together towards enabling more students all over šŸš€
Andrew Falchook
Hey Amrith! Do you see ProductHunt diving into video or content creation? Love the role PH serves as a curator in the space, and I would be curious to see what content pieces based around 'Ask' or 'Collections' could look like(ie 5 Apps That Make Investing FUN Again as a content version of https://www.producthunt.com/e/ma...)
@falchook Thanks for the Q, Andrew! It's definitely something we're thinking about (cc @jakecrump šŸ‘€) and want to pursue once we have more time on our hands! šŸ“ŗ Those are some great suggestions, taking note šŸ“ Do you think the videos should be of our team speaking about products or do you think something like a 3D cat avatar using something like Genies would be better?
Andrew Falchook
@jakecrump @amrith Ooh I love the idea of using a cat avatar while also integrating some animations. I've actually been working on something similar using Adobe Character Animator, if I have some time in the next week or two I'll put together a short MVP with some ideas for ya šŸ±
One pro and con on "Social Media" for early stage startup/sideproject?
@mhrnik Thanks for asking! Pro: It's a blank canvas - you can set the tone and experiment with content ideas a lot more freely and risk-free. It's the best way to get your initial users šŸŽØ Con: It's a blank canvas - It might be hard to get people to pay attention to it, especially a side-project and you need to figure out different ways to get that attention and more importantly, get them to engage with your brand account which may take some time to figure out šŸŒ±
Ferenc Forgacs
Hey @amrith, - which is your favourite social platform and why? - which platform drives the most traffic to PH? - do you follow some kind of content plan or you create content on the go? - what was your favourite post you created in the past 1-2 months? Thanks :)
@feriforgacs Thank you for the questions! - Twitter for a lot of reasons mainly because you can see how people think and have deep conversations with people who may not know you šŸ’¬ - As you might have guessed, it's Twitter šŸ£ - It's a mixture of both; we share new products every single day but we also create content on the go based on what's trending etc. and we run different content experiments all the time šŸ™Œ - Ah that's a hard Q ā€“ probably this tweet šŸ˜‚
Ferenc Forgacs
@amrith thank you for the answers :) One more :D What do you think about TikTok?
Mahesh Shrestha
Oh, okay, so you are the one behind those humorous product-curated tweets! Was PH twitter game already strong when you joined or did it happen after you led the PH twitter?
@alphahunter haha! It was already strong when I joined back in late-2017 thanks to @Nivo0o and @nickabouzeid; I've learnt so much from them šŸ™ What you see now is a team effort between @TaylorMajewski and me šŸ˜ø Glad you like our content! Let us know if you have any suggestions šŸ¤—
What timezone are you in just now?
Vincent Denise
Do some people at Product Hunt eat pineapple pizza?
Lisa Dziuba
hey :) how do you keep a balance between social media life and offline life?
@lisadziuba that's a great Q! I like to travel a lot and explore new places and meet new people so I make sure I do a lot of that. Although I do spend most of my time on Twitter, I do keep myself busy IRL too šŸ˜…šŸ™
What are the books / movies / albums that have shaped your life? šŸ˜Ž
@abadesi great Q! I'm not an avid reader but I did really love 'The Secret' by Rhonda Bryne! So many great movies it's hard to pick but recently I saw LOST (the TV Show) thanks to @lizadixon and that definitely has blown my mind, it's so amazing! In music, Avicii had a deep influence on me growing up šŸ˜æ A lot of house/pop music like Calvin Harris, Rihanna, MJ etc. Now I enjoy Drake, The Weeknd, Post Malone and the whole deal šŸ”„
Liza Dixon
@abadesi @amrith Yes, same! LOST definitely effected the way I view our interconnectedness. Our struggles, our joys...It's almost like I need to remind myself, ~15 years later that it wasn't real. I've never felt like that about any story (book/movie/etc.) before or since! I attribute this to writers' character development skills šŸ’Æ
@lizadixon @amrith nice! I never watched LOST just a few clips of episodes. Halt and Catch Fire was one of the more recent shows I really connected with.
Astha Sharma
What's your best tip on how to have a successful social media platform and gain a larger following?
@astha_sharma Be authentic and see what other folks do from a similar background and copy best practices.
@astha_sharma @abadesi What Aba said! šŸ‘ In addition to being authentic, being relevant is also important. Run a lot of experiments, see what strategies work and what don't. Run with the things that do work. Focus on getting people to engage with your content more than the numbers of followers etc. which is a vanity metric šŸ™‡ā€ā™‚ļø The rest will fall in place šŸ™ All the best!
Ivan Burban
Hello. Could you be so kind as to share what algorithm you use for selecting projects to publish on your telegram and social media channels? How can a good product be featured in your social media channels on their launch day? I have noticed that the projects that you publish are not always #1 products of the day, not the ones that got the biggest number of comments and not the most popular ones. Could you give us a hint on what products you select in order to be mentioned on your social media channels, please?
@ivan_burban Hi Ivan, thanks for asking :) The social team cherrypicks products to feature on social daily and this is not run by any algorithm or by order of products with most upvotes and comments :) We share what we see our audience have liked more of in the past and a lot more factors go into consideration šŸ˜Š All the best!
Usama Ejaz
Launching soon!
What social media tools do you use? and why?
Justin Silang
Hi Amrith! I'm new to Product Hunt. Any suggestions on how to start getting involved with the community?
Ali Salah
How did PH become that good on Twitter? šŸ˜»
Aadithyan Rajesh
Hi amrith Could u tell us how u became the social media Head It would be really inspiring