What do you do on your days off? ☀️

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I usually go on drives and go to parks, meet up with friends etc. Wonder how y'all utilize your breaks!


Madusha Kumarasiri
@amrith Jogging and road trips ☀️
@amrith My life is on a bicycle traveling the world while developing software. No need for breaks!! But if I really need to change my mind, there's plenty of stuff: watercolor painting, learning music, computer gaming, a beer with friends in a bar terrace under the sun, reading, writing, producing videos, learning Spanish, freestyle inline skating, and many other things. For example, currently I'm reviewing and annotating the drafts of the next two books of Malcolm and Simone Collins of the Pragmatist Foundation on relationships and sexuality. Completely unrelated to computers :-)
@amrith turn notifications off on my phone! Read a lot of fiction, spend a lot of time outdoors, and hang out with my friends 😊
Matt Kenefick
@amrith Had a pretty long break last week. We spent a lot of time grilling and swimming in the pool. Met up with some friends at the beach, made some sangria, played with some dogs, shot some pool, etc. That type of thing happens sometimes, but frequently it's spent practicing something or learning something new. When I come up with an idea that I really like, I usually drop everything I'm doing and start working on it. It's good and bad. I like the aggressive go-getter attitude about it, but it can be irresponsible depending on my other obligations.
Sarah Loertscher
@amrith cooking, gym time, exploring the Catskills, sleeping in, Netflix, tending to my spreadsheets (yes really), gardening when it's not too hot or too cold or too rainy or too windy out.
James Quinn
@amrith Gym, Swim, Boulder, Photography, Get outdoors. Learn a new skill.
Manoj Surya
@amrith read books, sleep, meet a friend. Trying to go outdoors(read as short treks/getaways)
Ольга Федорчук
@amrith i pretend to be dead in order no one can bother me these days. But I have a good days, when I can read and just relax from everybody. Yes, I pretend to be dead