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Hack Club is a San Francisco based nonprofit that works with high schoolers to start after-school coding clubs. We provide everything needed to start a successful chapter at your school – curriculum for club meetings, facilitation guidelines, and an online community of club leaders from around the globe. They meet after-school once or twice a week for an hour and a half. The structure varies club to club, but most meetings involve members learning to code by working on real projects, like apps, websites, and games. As a student myself, these are the kinda things I'd love to see the education system evolve into; the revolution is coming soon, especially with ventures like this. And to see this built by a Thiel Fellow backs my statement that things are changing! Great work @zachlatta, more power to you :)
Hi everyone! I started Hack Club. Happy to answer any questions about what we're up to! Long story short, Hack Clubs are like hackathons that meet every week at your local high school β€“ students learn to code through building *real* things, like the sort of things you see on Product Hunt (and, in fact, we've had a number of our hackers build stuff on the site). They're entirely student-led, so they really don't feel like classes at all. And all of our materials are open source on GitHub (https://github.com/hackclub/hack...)! If you know a high schooler that might be interested in this sort of thing, chances are we'd love to work with them! Just have them submit a quick application on our website mentioning "Product Hunt", so we know to give them priority review :-). We always prioritize referrals.
@zachlatta Hey Zach! I've been following you for a while and this looks awesome. I'm a teen dev and already have a computer science club at my high school. Can we become a Hack Club? What does that look like & what are the advantages? Thanks πŸ˜€
@lachlanjc That's amazing! Go ahead and submit an application at https://hackclub.com and mention two things: you already have a club (and how many people come each week) and that you heard about us on Product Hunt. I'll make sure to prioritize any applications with that info :-).
@zachlatta Awesome, thanks Zach!
Had no idea Hack Club wasn't featured yet :p Hack Club is awesome. Even though I'm not actually part of a Hack Club, the Hack Club community has been nice to be a part of, and has helped be learn to make things, and hack to make better things :-) Great work by @zachlatta!
Bookmarked! Would be great to see in Germany, too
I am always thinking of beginning this idea in my country, Morocco. But, we'll need so many ressources (materials and people to volunteer). I wish you good luck and happy coding for high schoolers :)