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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out Lambda School! We just announced yesterday that we are in the current batch of Y Combinator. Happy to answer any questions.
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@austenallred Congrats, Austen!
Nice concept, how do you guys make sure that student pays you the fee if he gets a job, how do you people get to know that the student got a job or not, how does that work
@tahaqadri We have you file something with the IRS that basically copies us on your taxes. We use that to verify everything else.
@tahaqadri @austenallred So I'm assuming this is open to US students only, no Canadians?
@tahaqadri @andy9775 Will be open to Canadians in a couple months
Any plans on going worldwide? @austenallred
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@austenallred do you know which session will be the first to accept Canadians for the income based repayment program?
I love the concept very dope 🚬
This seems substantially more expensive than other bootcamps I've seen. It is longer, which could indicate more depth/a better curriculum, but plenty of short bootcamps still have great outcomes so it's unclear is a longer program is going to improve your employability. A lot of bootcamps cost half as much, take half as long and still have very good hiring outcomes. As far as the pricing structure, seems like a neat idea if you aren't expecting to make much, but it's a total ripoff if you intend to make anything above maybe 80k-90k. In fact it would almost certainly be cheaper to pay for it up front on credit cards and just eat the interest...
@danruswick we think a lot of bootcamps really stunt your growth long term by missing principles that will make you have more success later in your career. In fact one of the largest cohorts applying for Lambda School are bootcamp grads. Not to mention the fact that if you drop 15k on a bootcamp and it doesn't work out you're pretty screwed. The total amount you could owe is capped at $30k, so at the maximum we're like 150% the cost of Hack Reactor, with instructors from Ivy leagues, and a deeper curriculum, and an employment guarantee.
@danruswick Made inquiries. None of the instruction is pre-recorded video--it's 100% live. That's significant v. most bootcamps.
What if a student gives up early?
@charity_amis They have a drop-out period in which they wouldn't owe us anything. After that period (one month) they will owe a pro-rated income share, depending on how long they attend, if they get a software engineering job.