Social media professionals: how do you balance your work and personal accounts?

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It can be both a blessing and curse to have social media as work and it can take a toll on you on the longer run. Recently, I've been finding it hard to draw the line between using social media for myself and social media for work as both interests overlap perfectly. I'm curious how you manage this and keep a healthy relationship with social media, thank you! šŸ™


Farhan Khan
I understand how the interconnectedness of the two can take a toll. I often speak to journalists and they too struggle with the same thing. A lot of them even write on their profile 'their views are their own and don't correspond to the company they write for" I feel having 2 personas shouldn't be a taboo anymore. As long as they don't contradict each other, it's ok to have two lenses to see the world. It is also crucial to not use either personas to promote the other. My personal presence should not be influenced by how famous I am with what I do. Or Vice versa. I feel at that point you can attain a peaceful coexistence. And also the right mood to enjoy a chilled strawberry milkshake.
Akash Nidhi
Last year I had the same issue when Instagram, I had built an app called AutoCaptions, to get captions for instagram photos. So I had to spend lot of time marketing and posting photos in autocaptions account. At some point i had crossed that line that you are talking about, and i did quit my personal account later for exact 100 days so that i can only focus on other account. And after sometime too much of it also made me feel sick of instagram and i did uninstall the app for more than a month.
Boundaries are key but hard to define. I'm still perfecting it. It takes some trial and error. I try hard to carve out time where I'm completely offline because that seems to be the only thing that helps me create some distance and find balance!
@abadesi Very true. Going completely offline at regular/planned intervals seems to be the only thing that I see working for me too. I think it's harder to define boundaries for creative work so splitting focus between one or the other doesn't seem very sustainable to me.
Fajar Siddiq
pretty tough, i have multiple social media account. I think some guy in the community making a social media account for notifications. For now i just use, telegram, twitter, product hunt, makerlog, indie hackers and my favorite is instagram stories lol