What would you tweet if you ran Product Hunt's Twitter account?

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We've been talking about new products of the day and resurfacing some cool products from the past and are experimenting with a bunch of different social experiments. I'm curious as to what you would want us to surface more on Product Hunt's social channels?


@amrith excited to see what folks think 👀
@amrith Success stories: motivation, ideas, post research on producthunt data and what makes great products great
@amrith @mrf ooh I like the idea of sharing data - which data exactly would be most valuable to you as a maker?
@amrith @abadesi Anything interesting or inspiring PH can tell about successful makers and products / markets / demand / supply
@amrith I would analyze if there is a correlation between the rank at Product Hunt in the day of launch and the ARR of the product, one year after being launched in PH . It would be cool to graph that!
@amrith daily founder quotes, short interviews from failed startup founders ( to learn what not to do), Trending industry charts, successful Makers stories in 140 characters.
David Jay
@amrith - "I'm leaving twitter" --- it worked for Elon :D
James Quinn
@amrith How to get into none tech tech, with actual examples. It would be really nice to see real world experiences on how to make the jump
Peyton Goen
@amrith I think we hear quite a bit about unicorns and massively funded startups, so it would be great to get quotes, data, and snippets of stories from founders across the spectrum of startups. It would also be interesting to get the quotes, data, stories, and results from makers 1 week pre-PH launch, day of launch, 1 week post-launch, 1 year post-launch, etc.
Ildi Xhaholli
I'd like to see more Tweets about: 1. Popular upcoming products https://www.producthunt.com/upco... 2. Quotes taken directly from comments left on PH posts 3. Links to interesting/popular Maker Discussions 4. Updates on progress made by product makers after PH launch. Following up with makers, checking in, building a report, taking us behind the scenes of their journey 5. Help makers connect with other makers to work with on their projects by tweeting about what type of help they are specifically looking for 6. Feature/showcase individual PH user profiles. I just realized i've upvoted 867 products since I first joined PH, that's lot of unique curation and value https://www.producthunt.com/@mad...
Kunal Bhatia
@amrith what product do you wish you hunted?
Kunal Bhatia
@amrith if you weren't working on what you're doing right now, who would you want to work with and on what product? (existing or new)
Andrew Tye
@amrith products that didn't make the front page of PH on launch, but that are now doing great
Eugene Berlin
@amrith I would turn PH's Twitter into a real person (not "we" or "our company" but "I" or "Me") with its emotions and specific behavior. It's more engaging than motivation stories which there are thousands on the web
Jared Schaffer
@amrith keep it on brand - "curation of the best new products, every day." Fun, fresh, and insightful is how I perceive PH's brand. Social posts should be a reflection of that ethos — with messaging that resonates *especially* with founders/makers. Be careful, the lowest form of curation is resurfacing the old evergreen stuff — but it works sometimes! More: - SHOW ME YOUR HOMESCREEN! My favorite twitter game 🤠 - way more PH Radio (even the old ones!) - surfacing the best content from other blogs, podcasts, interviews with founders/operators that are a part of OR are relevant to the PH community - product reviews - deep dives! highlight the PH Medium page and pull content from it - open ended asks — recommendations and best of lists always work. "what is the best (XYZ) you've ever used?" Who is the best (XYZ) you know? - Protips for using commonly used products or pro level feature explainers Less: - posts for individual featured products — feels like a bot, and just isn't very engaging. maybe combine the top 3? - lowest common denominator content — viral stuff like motivational clips of elon, steve jobs etc
Yash Bhardwaj
@amrith 1. Memes about recent tech and product trends. 2. Various kinds of threads : Interesting micro stories, lessons, lists and collections 3. Infographics to help and visualize cool data related to products. Or even timelines of how certain products started, how-tos, important dev data of tech stacks visualized by top 20 startups or design data. 4. Polls 5. Fill in blanks style of content : If you got $10M in Funding you would _________ or how'd you allocate it.