Genies 2.0

Digital clones that look and think just like you

Genies are the most intelligent and dynamic avatars on market. We use 3D motion picture quality and advanced artificial intelligence to create digital clones to look and think just like you. Genies are a medium that people can understand in the new generation.

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App wants all your contacts (or app wipes your avatar) and sends invites right on click w/o asking permission. I feel tricked into giving them my contact list 😤


Cute app


Data hog!

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This update makes Genies look more like your previous chat-based app, Blend. I'm curious what the biggest learnings have been since the app's first launch a year ago, @akashrnigam. Also, any insights you can share about how the kids are communicating and using tech today? (I swear, I'm not a dad)
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@akashrnigam @rrhoover This year has been insane. During our beta last year, we wanted to test the thesis if people like the PERSONALITY and the AESTHETICS of our avatar. Once we got that affirmation, we decided to build out the platform for what we think is going to be the next wave of communication: communicating through your digital identity. Nowadays, teens don't use iMessage or anything formal to talk to one another. They look for passive, indirect ways to grab each other's attention. Human interaction is never going to dissipate and the mediums of which we communicate is going to continuously evolve - we believe the foundation is set for avatars.
@akashrnigam @rrhoover @akash_nigam how do you quantify that people like the personality and aesthetics of your avatar? What counterfactuals have you considered? Can you give some other examples of "passive, indirect ways to grab each other's attention", and explain how Genies 2.0 supports those methods? Thanks!
@akashrnigam @rrhoover @akash_nigam that's all we use is iMessage and Snapchat bitmoji sometimes. I'm curious as to how you plan to get everyone to adopt this because snap/bitmoji users are your target demographic..
@akashrnigam @rrhoover @akash_nigam @edisonjoao6871 Synchronous communication. Kids chat synchronously all the time on all platforms - iMessage, Snap etc. You want to be close to each other. You *need* to be close to each other. Using a genie is the most comfortable, yet most expressive way to chat like this (i.e. you could be on the toilet yet you still feel like you're showing "face" :p)
@akashrnigam @rrhoover @akash_nigam @chrismessina We don't believe one can quantify art. We look for reactions :) -
Regarding your 2nd point about attention, that's pretty much what drives IG/Snapchat teen behavior these days. Get attention (indirectly) from the people you care about. Kids are experts in this without even realizing it. Sending a snap, posting a story, posting an actual post, liking a post etc. are all ways to indirectly get attention from the 3-5 people you actually care about getting attention from. We built behavior into Genies where you can let everyone know you're online or just one person. Ping your crush with no worries - they have no clue how many people you pinged.
We saw how much people enjoyed the beta version of Genies and invested the last 6 months of work into making this company a one stop shop for all of your avatar needs. Our platform and SDK today provide users and technology companies with all dimensions of the ideal avatar.
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@akashrnigam @wish_app realy so many people are liked this
This app is nothing more than a data grab. After spending tons of time making my avatar it asked for my phone number to create an account, then it wanted to send me notifications and then it wanted full access to my Addressbook. After granting all of that, it found no friends and wouldn’t let me use any functionality. This is pure garbage. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
@carl_shaver i didnt got so far, when it started asking access to my contacts and notifications just to use it was the end for me, the avatar looks good though
@carl_shaver @neeph Promise not our intention! We chose contacts over usernames based off user testing and the app isn't usable without at least one friend on it (reason for contacts requirement). :) Notifications are actually optional btw!
Why do you need my phone number? Access to my contacts? AND notifications enabled to create an avatar.
@zee Notifications are optional! Contacts are required because app isn't usable without at least one friend on it :)