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Tired with cold emailing or looking for a warm intro? We help founders secure capital from our fund and angel investor network, and use AI for strategic outreach to strong-fit investors/VCs outside our network. End the fundraising struggle with us!
Ankit Sharma
Larry Hartman
Sachin shajan
Ankit Sharma and 110 others use Exitfund
LTSE Equity
34 reviews
LTSE Equity enables easy cap table creation and management, transparent ownership tracking for all stockholders, 409A valuations, stock plan management, and powerful round and exit modeling. Companies own and control their data.
Petar Savic
Praful Mathur
Petar Savic and 67 others use LTSE Equity
46 reviews
Puzzle is a core accounting solution that helps startups build better companies. You get real-time financial statements for fundraising and taxes, plus insights, metrics (like burn, runway, ARR), FDIC coverage monitoring, and revenue recognition - all in an intuitive UX.
Sasha Orloff
Alice Ko
Armand du Plessis
Sasha Orloff and 99 others use Puzzle
21 reviews
With Roundtable, we’re building the marketplace and financial infrastructure to help structure investments in private markets. We help founders raise their round, syndicates structure themselves, and GPs launch their fund. We support investments in startups, but also Real Estate and Private Equity.
Julien Fissette
Julien Antoine
Mechin and 23 others use Roundtable
Give your community skin in the game. Fairmint empowers you to grant equity to anyone that adds value to your company and passively receive investment from your biggest fans. Launch in a few clicks and get back to building your business.
Yoann Lopez
Ricardo J. Méndez
Yoann Lopez and 60 others use Fairmint - Equity of the Future
Pitchdeck Challenge: 10-day email challenge that guides you to create an effective & visually stunning pitchdeck for your ideas. Step-by-step process for confident presentations & unlocking potential.
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO
Hannes Richter
Justin Mathew
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO and 28 others use Pitchdeck Challenge
24 reviews
PitchCheck is a support for founders who are looking for investors and need to create a pitch deck for them. With the checklist you will not forget to answer any question and get best practice examples of each slide type in order to get some inspiration.
Minha Nadeem
Hannes Richter
Justin Mathew
Minha Nadeem and 16 others use PitchCheck
Funden's Assisted Fundraising program is built for founders who don't have time to manage every aspect of a fundraise. Partner with us to perfect your pitch, target qualified investors, and then receive warm intros to our global network of 500+ partner VCs.
Prince Rumi
Charles Pelletier-Gagné
steve beyatte
Prince Rumi and 8 others use Funden™ Assisted Fundraising