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Magically create free video documentation with AI
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RAFA's AI Agents help you invest like an expert with personalized insights. It’s like having a team of experts, each specializing in one task: Fundamental analysis, Technicals, Momentum, Macro etc, all working together to maximize your portfolio 24/7.
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Relai App
173 reviews
Relai is an Android and iOS Bitcoin-only investment app. Buy Bitcoin instantly and hold your keys with ease and simplicity. Join 100,000 others using Relai and start your Bitcoin journey.
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Orange Pill App
Chris Bossert
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A Web3 AI tech for CeFi, DeFi, and NFT markets via conversational AI. AI deal execution interface Automated AI trading In-depth market analysis (off-chain/on-chain) AI trading signals AI arbitrage Portfolio and NFT management
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Tradetomato is a next-generation platform for trade and portfolio automation across CeFi, DeFi, and Web3 services.
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Tired with cold emailing or looking for a warm intro? We help founders secure capital from our fund and angel investor network, and use AI for strategic outreach to strong-fit investors/VCs outside our network. End the fundraising struggle with us!
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Follow & copy trade top traders, earn recognition & get paid for your trades, share & track trades with in-depth performance stats and extensive insights on every trade, broker integration to automate it all. Share ideas & analysis, & SO MUCH MORE! Supporting all stocks, futures, forex, & cryptocurrency markets. Fully integrated with Discord via our bot, submit trades or track signals, fetch financial data, and setup market data streams.
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Defi Lens
22 reviews
DeFi Lens combines popular analytics tools in the crypto market and the power of generative AI. DeFi Lens is a fusion of AI and Web3 to approach real-time market intelligence to facilitate a Web3 future that is more efficient, and accessible than ever before.
You're awesome, this is why i
Quan Dinh
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Swaap v2
18 reviews
Swaap v2 is an advanced market-making protocol for blue-chip crypto assets, built in collaboration with the Louis Bachelier Institute. It offers seamless, mathematically optimized strategies to maximize returns while minimizing risks, all on autopilot.
Parth Prajapati
Dave Costello
Zachary Peter
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Cap3 Collective
17 reviews
Cap3's subscription-based model generates funds for a treasury, financing member-chosen AI & Web3 projects. Members enjoy a 20% discount and revenue share, instead of equity. Projects gain up to $100k non-dilutive funds & access to a vibrant 25,000+ community.
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Syndicately provides a comprehensive platform designed for the creation and management of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), facilitating a simpler investment process for investors and fund managers in private opportunities. From solo entrepreneurs navigating risk and funding for new ventures, to seasoned investment professionals across Family Offices, Angel Investors, Real Estate, Private Equity, and Venture Capital.
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