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These platforms offer a range of features and functionalities to help businesses effectively engage with their audience through targeted email communication.
Snowflake O'Reilly Report
Snowflake O'Reilly Report
Design a Modern Application Data Stack
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Unlock the power of AI and unlimited accounts to 10x your leads, meetings, and revenue. Dive into a 700M+ B2B lead goldmine, break free from scale barriers, and reach every buyer on the planet. Start for free and supercharge your growth now!
Saif Ullah Khalid
Bobby Hamilton
Andrew Philip
Saif Ullah Khalid and 254 others use
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Folderly is a one-stop-shop solution based on AI that covers all aspects of email deliverability: monitoring, testing, and preventing spam issues. Avoid blacklists, bypass spam filters, and see your messages delivered to your email recipients’ inboxes. Free email spam words checker, SPF, and DMARC record generators. Reach inboxes with every email sent.
Vladislav Podolyako
Daria Leshchenko
Margo  Kashuba
Vladislav Podolyako and 123 others use Folderly
Boost your web3 outreach with Web3 Founder Connect. Gain direct access to decision-makers in 2000+ web3 projects, and expand your reach with 2100+ web3 Twitter and YouTube influencers, podcasts, news publications, and Telegram channels.
Albite Zurita
Jhuma Khatun
Riya Pal
Albite Zurita and 104 others use Web3 Mega Bundle: Data For Outreach
172 reviews
Prospect 31M Companies & 770M People from LinkedIn in Clay. Then, enrich, research, and act on live people and company data sets to get those positive responses you've always wanted from your dream customers. Cut your manual work, reduce reliance on Upwork, and keep engineering time focused on your beautiful product. Get started today, for free.
Jackie Luo
Rishab Hegde
Angel Ceballos
Jackie Luo and 233 others use Clay
28 reviews
Revscale Sales™ empowers entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises to accelerate their time-to-market and their revenues. Acting as an AI-powered cofounder, Revscale efficiently delivers qualified prospects within the target market to your sales teams
Scott Howard
Mike Looney
Scott Howard and 51 others use Revscale™
70 reviews
A better way to send marketing and transactional email.
🚀 Ch Daniel
Chris Gadek
Rowe Morehouse
🚀 Ch Daniel and 138 others use Loops
103 reviews
Mailmodo is an email marketing tool, powered by AMP Emails, enabling users to create & send app-like interactive emails to improve conversions. As interactions happen inside the email, users can take action seamlessly within the email.
Zeeshan Akhtar
Nash and 60 others use Mailmodo
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Create professional headshots and branded email signatures within a minute! Turn your favorite picture into your personal branding assets.
Ajinkya Bhat | Notion X Startups
Nachiket Patel
Elen Udovichenko
Ajinkya Bhat | Notion X Startups and 77 others use SyncSignature
43 reviews
An advanced one-stop AI tool designed to cater all digital marketing needs. It can professionally build code-free website, analyze and create tailored marketing campaigns, write any content you need in seconds, and much more.
Bobby Hamilton
Mark Curz
Kate Gibson
Bobby Hamilton and 64 others use LAZi AI
170 reviews is a B2B sales automation platform offering a variety of tools for lead generation, cold outreach, email deliverability, sales management and more. Explore new lead channels, automate time-consuming tasks and grow your business better with
Bobby Hamilton
Hugo Hamel
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