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  1. MickFounder of SongBox.Rocks

    What's the best Mac email client with Dark Mode

    I use Newton by Cloudmagic and I do think it's awesome (even at the high price), however it's screaming bright white interface is killing me and I need to move on. Can you recommend great email clients that feature a dark mode? I'm not bothered about cost.
  2. Which is the best lead generation tool is for startup?

    There are many tools we have come across until now and among them, we found AeroLeads and Find That Email the best option for finding professional but is there any tools which can totally automate this process?
  3. adrian rodriguezFounder at Flatastic

    Where to find resources for foreign marketing?

    I am looking to launch a startup soon and apart from US market and using platforms like producthunt or Hackernews or even media outlets, where can I find websites to market in foreign countries like India? similar to producthunt.
  4. I'm looking for a best android firewall app (without root)

    I just moved from IOS to Android because of lack of control and apps. Now, one of the items I'd like to control is the internet access. I would like to have a firewall that can control not just other apks background and foreground access to the internet but also individual DNS calls within an app. I have tried several apks such as NoRoot Firewall, Netguard and Mobiwol but unable to truly attain what I can on a PC or Mac firewall. Any suggestions ? Noroot Firewall was the closest I could get but still feel something missing.
  5. ✍️

    Looking for feedback on our show.

    Lots of bright folks in this platform, looking for feedback on our podcast called Sensible People. Curious as to the opinions of regular pod listeners versus non-pod listeners.
  6. Ayush MayankI am a PHP web developer

    What do you think about a platform to connect readers and bloggers

    A website to connect bloggers and it's readers from across the globe, where bloggers will submit their blog's link withing a specific category like(Technology, fashion, Internet marketing etc.) and users will subscribe to those categories and get latest and updated content of that specific category. In this way the bloggers will get direct and organic traffic back to their website and readers will get precious knowladge which will benefit bloggers to get targeted traffic under one platform, they can even exchange messages. and readers get lots of interesting knowladgable stuffs. What do you think about this concept please comment your honest reviews, and let me know. Thank you!!
  7. ✍️

    Whose hiring in LA CA for startups: Tech, media, productdev, Marketing, SWM 63

    am Idea Innovation minded, have Internet skills, Love ideas ( see blogs on to LinkedIn, & New Atlas to Linked In, see my LinkedIn profile, can work near Pasadena,Burbank, SFV East area.
  8. Subhasish AdhikaryWeb Geek, Blogger & Digital Marketer

    Best free long tail keyword research tools?

    I want to know some of the best free longtail keyword research tools out there!
  9. Pranay RathodCo-founder, ReadBoard

    Do you ever feel of starting contextual conversations on any web article?

    I feel like I want to start discussions on specific parts of web articles/blogs with my friends, family, colleagues or any other web user I know. I like the solution provided by ReadBoard (
  10. Sheraz AliSeller,

    Should i buy apps from App store?

    I am using iPhone 7 which i bought from a used iPhone seller. I want to ask that should i buy apps from App store or find any other options.?
  11. Ambika Rani KMotorcyclist, Social Media Manager

    What are some of the best apps which will help me save money regularly?

    I'm looking for an app which will help me to start saving money regularly and keep me on track.
  12. Nash WhaleyProduct manager at WorkonFlow

    What project management tools have the best automation features?

    I'm looking for the most innovative automation solutions for task/project management.
  13. Oum OumiKidstoys

    Existe t'il des constructeurs de jouets en turquie? Quel est le meilleur?

    Bonjour, Pour entreprise je recherche constructeur de jouets pour enfants basé en turquie. Merci.
  14. Http://

    Wrist parcels should be used only when raising household Vital X9 names. Using parcels continuously can affect muscle development in the forearm. Poor development of muscle in the forearm may affect raising durability in an individual. Below are some of the examples when parcels are a must have:
  15. Nader DagherHead of Design and Social at Seez App

    What app do you use to find used cars for sale and why?

    I'm looking for different apps that list used cars listings and provide an added value to the user whether from financials side or technical side.
  16. Where do i go to put my Interactive MVP through a paid Measuring/Feedback process?

    Hello there! I would like to know if there is any service that can help me apply the "Measure" methodology from Lean Startup. Supposing i have an interactive MVP, is there any paid service that can provide me with users for testing it and providing real and authentic feedback? Also, my target audience is gamers, so it's a little more specific than the usual.
  17. What is everyone's favorite news/content aggregation app?

    Hi PH family, I'm brand new here. What is everyone's favorite content aggregation app? My favorites are: - Apple News - SmartNEWS - Flipboard - GoogleNews
  18. Nelson OliveiraFounder & CEO @t Flatmatch / Matefy

    What are the best financial companies using B2B referral programs?

    I’m looking for a list of financial companies that are using B2B referral programs. Mainly these companies must be using referral programs to promote their product to partner companies. Example: Bank of America indicating their credit service for its customer BestBuy... What I need? 1. Discover financial companies 1. Find the right rewards incentives for them 2. Suggestions to make it super easy for our users to share
  19. What are the best strategy board games for adults?

    Nowadays there are lots of strategy board games that are made for adults. Which ones worth trying...
  20. Ayman AlbarbaryDigital Marketing Director, Generation C

    Looking for a marketing automation and CRM for a dental clinic

    Most of the tools out there are either ridiculously expensive or lack some very basic features. I would love to hear the recommendations of producthunt community. Thank you