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  1. Sam CholeraFounder @ iSpy Sport Search

    What is the best app to track gym workouts?

    Ideally free, but need something that has lots of free weight excercises
  2. SaqiFounder, Roobit

    What are some important things startups should consider wrt equity crowdfunding sites?

    Especially with companies where the primary product is an app or a service, not physical consumer goods.
  3. Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom

    What are the best SEO tools are you using in your projects?

    Just share your "must" SEO tools and give advices, product recommendations for others.
  4. Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer

    Where you host your business blog and why?

    I want to understand what blogging platforms you use for your business and why? and also what you expect from your business blog?
  5. Omar KhawajaInstaPetVet

    Feedback for app growth: Artificial Intelligence for communicating with animals

    Just finished building the MVP last week and now opening flood gates to public over the weekend.. Smartphone web app: How do I start the initial traction other than ads/social media/online forum posts?
  6. Pinoy CadDone is better than perfect

    What are the best alternatives for AutoCAD?

    Looking for best alternatives for AutoCAD whether free or paid license
  7. Anh QuânJust a crazy guy

    What is a good SaaS tool to perform pre-commit code review workflow?

    I want to find a simple SaaS tool to implement pre-commit code review workflow. We're doing post-commit code review and it's quite problematic
  8. Barbara DzurnyBA For New Jersey Consortium for GT

    Tech ultimate unicorn kits

    Check ultimate unicorn Craft kits by techno chic
  9. Adarsh KumarCo-Founder @ GyanApp

    What are some of the platforms for surfing good quality content in Hindi?

    I am looking for a clean product where I can read and write in Hindi, participate in discussions or ask/answer questions of my interest.
  10. Intro ManiacIntro Maniac

    What are the best options for visually building a web app?

    What are the best alternatives Are there other options for building a web application in a visual UI without having to play with code?
  11. Brandon BelcherCrypto marketer

    How to build an innovative development team?

    How to build an innovative development team?
  12. Dezso PappTinkerer of Things with Purpose

    What tools you use for hashtag research on Instagram?

    I'm looking for a way to see what popularity/engagement (likes, comments) on average a hashtag can bring and how much competition exists (i.e. number of posts per day on average).
  13. Charanwriter

    How to resolve the contact duplication problem in smartphones? Any suggestions?

    with contacts saved in both the sim cards, phone memory and the mail id, almost every contact number in my mobile phone is twice or thrice.
  14. Srinvas LavudyaBuilding BeuniQ at goSeekr

    New product suggestions(Instagram for LinkedIn)

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get some feedback on a product idea that we are working on. It would be great to get your views on it. In one sentence, the product enables professionals to increase engagement on their content/posts on LinkedIn(primarily) by allowing them to easily create visually appealing stories out of their thoughts, ideas & perspectives using text, image, voice or video and share it across any platform. In a way, we want to create the Instagram for LinkedIn.
  15. What are some of best tools for market researching?

    What are some of best tools for market researching? something free or cheap for startup tools.
  16. ✍️

    What is the best Resume Builder powered by AI that blew your mind?

    I'm searching for the list of Resume Builders with unique algorithm which help you to pass ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  17. ✍️

    New York Times top product picks

    New York Times top product picks