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  1. Thoughts?

    Ex Army Sniper developing a system of bullet proof barriers to help prevent the next mass shooting
  2. Aram EghiazaryanProduct Designer

    What kind of problems do you face when dealing with your startup's legal part?

    I'd like to learn about what experiences do founders have when dealing with startup's legal part. What are the problems that you would like to have solved?
  3. How do I delete this?

    don't know how or why I'm getting this
  4. T. McGeeFunemployed.

    Looking for macOS "DONE" list, as opposed to your typical "TO DO" list!

    I know, I know, it's weird. You're probably like "But who the... What.. Who needs a list of what they've DONE?!" But I find myself struggling more with remembering the things I have *done* than what I have to do, if that makes sense. For instance, I find myself struggling to remember if I sent out an email to a work professional; so I always end up scouring my gmail "sent" folder, trying to figure out, "Did I really send that? Am I LOSING IT?!". Im mortified I'll send the same email twice, especially if its one of those "I'm not being critical but you totally have something screwed up here, and you should fix it lest you eff shit up even worse" email. All apps are "To Do". See, I know what *to* do. I stay up all night thinking about it, so I'm covered. It's just that I forget what I've DONE (Thanks alot, Brain!). I've been using the macOS "2DO" app since, well, it came with my SetApp subscription... and its working ok but I really need an application on my desktop that functions like a "To Do" app but instead lists what's been DONE so I don't end up making a buffoon out of myself and emailing some poor bloke twice about whatever bullshit they are pulling on me (I realize I sound like a total jerk). So if anyone knows of a "Have Done" app instead of a "To Do" app they can recommend, you'll be my hero. And yes yes, I know, I can use notes or notepad, or whatever native Apple thingy, but I'd really prefer an app. I did see something similar to what I'm looking for on the iPhone app store but.. I really need this to be a macOS thing. Thanks comrades. You're golden!
  5. Lisa DziubaSwift Learner & Founder

    What tools for cold email marketing do you use?

    It will be cool to know what are the good tools to send cold emails with auto follow ups (preferably with affordable pricing for startups). Now I use Streak for email scheduling and sometimes GMass.
  6. TC Yasin CrowFounder at Projegg

    Any website to reach out prototype/startup owners?

    Hey guys. I'm the founder of Projegg app ( which helps startup or idea owners to advertise their work or find new team members for collaboration. I just cannot reach startup owners through Google/Linkedin/facebook ads. So maybe someone can suggest something to make my life easier at this point :-)?
  7. What the best app to organize business card when you go to a event?

    What the best app to organize business card when you go to an event?
  8. A_SkySearch & find the best

    What is the best interactive touchscreen (or not) board to display custom info?

    We are planning our office extension and I would like to suggest my team great accessories to improve daily workflow and organization. I heard about databoard: and I was wondering if you know similar products that can be use to display info or to collaborate on plans/creations. 💡
  9. What is the best email app for long threads of conversation - mac os + ios

    Hi, I currently use spark which I found as the best email app, but recently I have started working in organization that uses email for internal communication = endless threads. Do you have any recommendations for apps that ease the pain of miles long threads?
  10. Chris VasquezCreative Director at AWeber

    What's the best on-demand print service for small art prints.

    I'm hoping to let people who are using a virtual pet I created to purchase relatively cheap prints of their character (from a limited set of images). I'm hoping to offer something like 4x4 or 6x6 prints. Any suggestions?
  11. Dany NovykovUX Designer & Brand Strategist

    What are the best books to improve speaking skills?

    I'm looking for a couple of books to strengthen speaking skills for entrepreneurs. Books that cover pitching ideas, explaining decisions, guiding the process and public speaking in general. Any recommendations?
  12. What is the best app to collect things for later?

    Hello, I'm looking for the best app to collect things I see online and keep them in lists that I can archive in future. For example, Books to read, places to visit, podcasts to listen to ... etc.
  13. Sainath KMFounder,

    Email apps for MacOS which retains Gmail's tab-based classification of emails

    Are there any Email apps for MacOS which retains Gmail's tab-based classification of emails like update, promotion, forum etc on the desktop version too?
  14. alex kwononeminute

    Online products that have stayed the same for 10+ yrs?

    Many things have changed, but so many haven’t. What are some good examples?
  15. Lars BöhnkeAll the stuff besides coding @ PEY GmbH

    What are good ways to get started with data science for business?

    I am a product manager with a non-technical background. I am looking for resources to get started with data science. My goal is to learn how to analyse and interpret data.
  16. Alessandro SalvatiUnity3D Gamedev, Programmer, geekbear

    How do I avoid Product Hunt's Chrome extension to override the Default Tab, without uninstalling it?

    Hi there! I'm a Momentum Plus user, and since I installed Product Hunt's Chrome extension, this last one is overriding the default tab replacement provided by Momentum. Even disabling the setting to override it in the PH extension options menu doesn't bring back the previous page. Instead, the Product Hunt extension shows up a kitty. Disabling Product Hunt restores the actual previous default tab replacement. Could you please disable the default tab replacement - completely? I don't need a kitty as a default tab, and at the moment the only solution to avoid PH default tab replacement is to entirely disable the extension. Could you please help me? Best, Alessandro Salvati
  17. Emir UckanMonimen / Productivity Designer

    Has any one is missing "Add to Collections" button on Card?

    Hi Development Team of PH. Here is a simple product card: // external screenshot of current card design // Oh Don't worry, our collections still in own Profile section. I hope it will be here again. // external screenshot of current Collection editing // But I can't "Add" from here either.. What am I missing here?
  18. Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc.

    I'm looking for a specific helpdesk management system

    I'm looking for a helpdesk management and issue ticketing system that I can integrate into my cloud service. HOWEVER, this system needs to allow users of my cloud service to file issues against other users (not to me). All the helpdesk management systems I've seen so far only allow users to file issues to the developers of the cloud service and they price it based on how many developers/support staff have access to the ticketing dashboard. My specific situation is unique in that the users exist outside of my organization and are filing tickets to each other.
  19. usefullyuniqueeffectiveness

    Innovative goal/task/mind mapping -- software/app that works most like this:

    for those highly knowledgable and experienced with the software/apps out there --- **desktop/laptop version** 1. some action (press keys, swipe touch screen, etc.) to open a 'search box' anywhere on the desktop 2. start typing, which auto-open/max the software/app in question 3. say you type, 'limi' -- it would show you your goal/task/item that says 'limit' 4. scroll out zooms out, to see what your goal/task is connected to you get the idea --- **tablet/phone coul work something this:** * the entire screen/background is black (or white, w/e you prefer) * all you see is one thing -- your goal/objective/task/item * swipe right to add items/subgoal/task/etc. * the main goal/objecctive/task/items is move off the screen essentially im describing an innovative next-gen mind-mapping software/app for goals/tasks/items/actions/etc. * pull down (or some action) to see the higher goals/tasks/actions the current goal/actions/items is connected to the software/app would auto-open and be the default screen upon opening your tablet/phone
  20. Kevin ZieglerIT Cloud Consultant

    When I try to update my PH profile with my email, it says duplicated.

    I'm assuming I'm in the PH system twice, but I don't know how to resolve. I haven't been able to fully participate in PH for quite some time, and I think I may have more than one account tied to my email. When I open the PH panel in chrome it's blank, and I can't contribute as I'm not subscribed (though I am), but this newsletter subscribe isn't tied to my profile. How do I fix?