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    Marci Lentnek Kleineducational products

    Best host for new website

    We are planning to create a website for educational product sharing. We will be sending out design contests and then load materials from different schools. material will include photos, text and video. It will be subscription based. Where do I start?
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    Antoine Yng

    I am looking for a "Hackerrank or Codility" to assess designer skills. Familiar with some?

    Hackerrank and Codility are great tools to evaluate tech/ coding skills. Are you aware of similar platforms specialized​ in assessing UX & design skills? Thanks :)
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    Sasza LohreyCEO, BBXX

    What are your favorite self-improvement resources?

    it can be apps, podcasts, literature, anything...
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    Sasza LohreyCEO, BBXX

    How do you improve your intimacy?

    Are there any apps- or traditional methods- that you use to help improve your relationships / dating / intimacy?
  5. ✍️

    Anyone done desk-pop-desk-swap recently?

    How effective was it for you
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    saturngodiOS Developer

    What is the best app for writing programming book?

    I am using gitbook for writing basic python programming book. However, it's not good for exporting epub and pdf. Now, using pages. But it's hard to write for syntax highlighting. Now, I am copy from VS code and paste in pages for syntax highlighting. Ulysses look like what I need but it's expensive for subscription. Is there any other alternative ?
  7. What's one app\cms you use to program ebeacon estimote?

    for example goodbarber that have configuration plugins.
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    Duane Wilson✌️I like Designing & Building Products

    Whats the best product/tool to manage a waitlist?

    I'm looking for a way to go thru our pre-launch email lists and onboard selected users into the product, then release new slots to people as we can take them on?
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    Hussein YahfoufiFamily and Tech.

    What is the best iOS app to manage Instagram posts for a business?

    What are the best iOS apps to use to manage Instagram posts for a business? Ideally the service is born from mobile (versus a site that happens to have an app) so all of the features work in the app and doesn't need you to login to a site to complete. Wish list: - Ability to add text, animation, etc. to images. - Schedule posts for the future - Metrics so we know what works - Hashtag intelligence which worked best in the past, which to use? - Automate way to animate pictures so they can be used as stories too - Connection to open source images a nice to have
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    Karan Ganesan⚡My next innovation is a code away 👨‍💻

    Best place to learn CSS

    What is the best place for a beginner to start to do awesome designs using CSS ? Sites, YouTube Channels/Playlists, Crash Course, etc.
  11. Best business networking app should have which features ?

    I am looking advices for my new app... if you have any recommendations I will appreciate
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    Jamie DaviesStudied Architecture & Management

    What are some good custom software development companies?

    What are some good custom software development companies? What makes them good? What technologies do they specialize in? What software engineering processes do they use?
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    Ambika Rani KMotorcyclist, Social Media Manager

    What are the top money saving apps in India?

    Hey there! I am looking for some money saving apps which will help the common man to save for his emergency funds. A digital wallet which will serve as a safe place to hide all your daily expenses.
  14. ✍️

    How do you stay updte with digital marketing?

    Digital Marketing is a dynamic field, it is important to stay updated with the blogs, books, webinars, and podcasts to go for. Some of the popular resources to stay updated on Digital Marketing but some resources does not know if you please guide us for better digital marketing.
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    Arun KumarAutomation Geek

    What is the best partner program management tools?

    Looking for a tool to onboard, nurture and manage partners and partner commissions.
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    Ashok kumarAspiring Entrepreneur!

    Is there any alternative @tawkto (Chat bot) which works on free subscription model also?

    Looking for free chatbot tool for one of my client, every other product has a limitation on the number of chats.
  17. What app do you use for keeping track of movies and TV shows you want to see/have seen?

    Looking for an app that tracks movies and TV shows you want to see/have seen. Rotten Tomatoes website is solid for this, but would love something that also has a mobile app. I've also tried IMDB's website/app, but they don't include any information about where the movie/TV show is available for streaming.
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    Arpan KhoslaCo-Founder at

    Do you use rhyming in your poems, songs, raps?

    I'm asking so that I can validate the idea of my startup - "Rhymly" - India's 1st Hindi Rhyming Platform