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Sarah McBrideX-Nokia Health/Withings & Google.

What are the best independent newsletters you subscribe to?

After feeling like I was drowning in information between news websites, blogs and Twitter, I've found myself increasingly turning towards curated newsletters delivered to my inbox on the topics I care most about from interesting people in the field. Specifically, I'm interested in reading about startup funding news and advice, consumer technology trends and political economy -- although I'm open to reading about new topics too! Here's a couple I already subscribe to: 1/ tech/marketing/french politics by Liam Boogar - 2/ general news roundup by Lauren Holliday - 3/ news and commentary on voice computing by Matt Hartman - 4/ tech-focused news from Benedict Evans - 5/ business models/political economy/society by Azeem Azhar - I found the majority of these via the Revue discover tool which is awesome:
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The Intercept Fearless, adversarial journalism.
Morning Brew The hottest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley, daily ✉️
  1. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréCo-Founder

    What's a good iPhone app for recording and editing short videos of yourself to post on social media?

    I'd like to record and edit short videos from my phone for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.
  2. Gian Pepecofounder @jumper_media

    What's the best Help Desk software in 2018?

    I'm looking to bring order to chaos of our Customer Success team. Currently we have 6 people on the team and do not use any kind of ticketing software, nor project management software. We use Base CRM with both the Sales and Customer Success Teams, and everyone uses Slack internally. In our business we want our Customer Success Managers to develop personal, ongoing relationships with around 150 clients they are assigned to. To do so they schedule kickoff / check-in calls (proactive), and receive incoming support emails (reactive). Inbound (reactive) support requests go directly to their work emails right now. I am looking for tools to help us better track / analyze how our team is doing at responding to requests and fixing things in a timely fashion. Also would like to be able to assign them tasks related to a certain customers account, and be able to make sure it gets done. Good suggestions/recommendations could be really lightweight apps/tools, or something more robust like a full ticketing system. Open to just about anything ya'll recommend!
  3. Seb Dancer-MichelCreative developer Intern @ Your Majesty

    What are some good, lightweight, open-source alternatives to Google Analytics?

    I'm looking to get rid of Google Analytics (too much added loading time for my websites). Do you have any in mind?
  4. Dawni am not a robot

    I am looking for a web album like Picasa used to be.

    How can I share photo albums, that sync with a desktop folder, but allow captions under images while in album view? I can only seem to find one feature or the other at a time. Web or Windows.
  5. Dustin McCaffreeFounder & CTO @ Rocket Note

    What are the best web apps for taking notes on videos?

    I don't know what other products do it, but I made one for YouTube specifically. Does anyone do this for ALL online videos?
  6. Ashish SanthaliaBuilding products that matter

    Are there platforms where people decide to meet someone other than by looking at their pictures?

    Today people have to decide if they want to meet someone just by looking at their pictures. What if people have some other criteria to decide? Do you have anything in mind?
  7. Itan Bar-PeledAndroid developer

    What are the best AR apps and games that involve motion tracking?

    I'm looking for interesting AR Apps and games based on Motion Tracking, meaning the user can anchor virtual objects to a surface, and the virtual objects will "stay" at the anchored point, relative to the world.
  8. Anthony KellyCo-founder, Apalaa

    What are the best free online platform to create video ads?

    I'm trying to create a video ad campaign for our demo app. Tried Spark and iMove, but I was wondering if there is easier platforms to use. Thank you!
  9. What is the best Tor browser for iOS?

    There are a bunch of tor / onion / anonymous browsers out there on the App Store. I am specifically interested in an iOS Tor browser, but if there are other anonymous browsers that are exceptional (I'm thinking Firefox Focus here - not saying it's exceptional - I don't know - just that it is anonymous browsing that is not Tor-related), feel free to include that, too. Thanks.
  10. Antoine PluFreelance Designer

    What are the best menu app bar for world clock?

    I'm looking for a Mac menu app bar to replace the official "Date & time" with something that can manage multiple timezones with a simple click. Nothing fancy nor calendar management, just being able to display the city name in the bar with the local time. Any suggestion from remote people/teams?
  11. Matt NavarraSocial Consultant. Ex-Head of SocMed TNW

    Is there a Facebook analytics tool for native videos posted on your personal profile?

    I'm looking for a tool that lists and ranks all native videos posted on your personal Facebook profile.
  12. Yana VlatchkovaCOO & Co-founder of Swipes

    What's the best wine app?

    I'm such a newbie to wines and found a few wine scanners. But they seem to be all about BUY, BUY, BUY. I wonder what's the best app out there that gives more info. Anyone has a tip?
  13. Marlon WayneFounder @ Impulse

    What's the best indoor smart lock?

    I'm looking for a Homekit enabled smart lock for my bedroom door, because I have roommates. I haven't found anything that looks good and most of these products are geared toward the outside door (primarily focusing on the deadbolt).
  14. orliesaurusLasers handler

    What is the best free alternative to Little Snitch?

    To see what apps are accessing the network etc
  15. Jay MutzafiiOS Developer

    What is the best podcast about cryptocurrencies?

    I'm looking for a podcast that is both fairly accessible to layman but goes deep into the nitty gritty.
  16. What are some good products for weightlifters?

    This can be supplements, meal services, apps that help recording workouts, apps that track bar path for snatches and clean and jerks, or anything weightlifting related!
  17. Ling LoComputer Vision Engineer

    How to upload panorama to Instagram?

    I have seen some nice panoramas on Instagram. I wonder is there any tool can do this easily?
  18. What's the best Finder replacement on Mac?

    I'm looking for something that makes renaming and organizing files much quicker. Preferably with shortcuts to speed things up.