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What products can you recommend (that are needed) to start a podcast/vlog?Thinking along the lines of: Mic, Headset, Editing software etc
Sam CholeraFounder @ iSpy Sport Search · Asked
What app do you use to track bills & other finances?I'm looking for a modern solution to track and manage all of my finances. I'm familiar with Mint, Chronicle, and Banktivity. You got any others?
Jeff Eisley · Asked
Any good IDE’s for iPad?I’m looking for a good way to code using my iPad. Any recommendations would be great! Thanks.
Asher HuntFounder, CEO. Overnight · Asked
Best tool to organize your financial LifeWhat are the best tools you use to organize and take control over your financial life?? (Other than Mint)
DavisFounder at Digital Mix · Asked
Can anyone recommend a good (online) Ethereum wallet?My Ledger Nano S will be shipped in two months :D
AngieFounder of YourApparel · Asked
Divi 3 is a drag and drop theme editor for wordpress. Is there something similar for Shopify?I'm looking for a way to customize my theme on shopify as a non coder.
Samuel NaesenDesign Lover & Situational Strategist · Asked
What are the best financial APIs?Other than yahoo and google finance what are some free apis to use, which will give prices of different instrument of different stock exchange?
Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Edited
What is the best service for buying photography prints to hang on your wall? 🖼I'm looking for the easiest and most affordable way to print out my personal photos to hang on my home's wall. I'm looking for: - an app/site with great user experience (not horrendous like - professional-ish quality - affordable (not lux… See more
Danny MattesonSupport @Disqus · Asked
What's a good solution for voicemail in the UK?Ideally looking to find an app service that works with Vodafone in the UK. Hullomail works but is a poor experience and charge premium prices for every little extra. Tu Go only works on O2.
Intrepid EmPlayer One. Experience Strategy. · Asked