Tarun Gangwani
Tarun GangwaniProduct, dev.twitch.tv

What's the best product for generating quick demos of my product for prospects?

I have an existing SaaS apps and prospects of my product often ask for a 2-5 minute demo for their perusal later. Is there a product that let's me demo my screen and create hotspots that prospects can click through to see how my product works, almost like a layer on top of the product itself? Ideally, this product would also let me put an intro video/text up front and then walk them through a series of scenarios, where the end of each scenario would wrap up what they did. Throughout the scenario, little tooltips would walkthrough my product, etc. The product can act like Inivision prototypes or similar, but I wonder if there is a product that does more than just let me make a clickthrough prototype.
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