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Joanna JiaWhat do people want?

What's a good Chrome tab replacement?

For example, Momentum replaces the new tab with a dashboard. I am curious as to what the PH community thinks.
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    A modern bookmarks and tabs manager ✨

    Guillaume BardetWorking on AdeptLabs.co Β· Written
    Guillaume Bardet made this product
    I will go ahead and shamelessly mention the bookmarks and tabs manager I have been working on. :) We are always working on improving the product and making sure our users are happy with the extension. If you are looking for a bookmark and tabs manager, and you are familiar with boards and columns similar to Trello, Qlearly might be an extension you will find interesting!
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    Beautiful photos from Unsplash w/ products from Product Hunt

    Jenil GogariDesigner. Explorer. Geek. Β· Written
    Jenil Gogari made this product
    Try it :)
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    Product Hunt

    Discover and geek out about cool new products

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale Β· Written
    Ok I have an obvious bias here. But I've had this has my new tab page since it came out. Keeps you up-to-date with the top products... without even having to visit PH.
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    Atlas Recall

    A searchable photographic memory for your digital life

    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    R A I Z A made this product
    Adding to the list of biased responses πŸ˜› - Truly, though, Atlas Recall has a new tab feature in Chrome that lets you get back to your most recent items (webpage or not) and it's great for times where I accidentally close a tab or randomize myself and forget what I was doing! Excellent visualization of my data, imho.
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    Panda 4

    An easy way to keep up with industry news and inspiration

    Yeltsin SealCEO, HospedeSimples Β· Written
    I've been using for a while now. Is a must for everyone, not only designers. Also is a good RSS reader.