Edward Ford
Edward FordMarketing Director at Supermetrics

What's the best platform to host your company podcast?

We run a podcast for the B2B SaaS community, particularly for CEOs, Co-founders & marketers/growth folks, and have been using SoundCloud. While it's quite good there are some limitations (for example getting it on Spotify) and we'd like to increase our reach. Which platforms would you recommend for podcast hosting in addition to SoundClound? Thanks so much for your help πŸ™
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    All the tools you need to build & grow your podcast πŸŽ™οΈ

    Prasad Lingawar
    Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Plivo Β· Written
    Awesome tool to build and distribute your podcast.
    • Ashley Baxter
      Ashley BaxterFounder, With Jack

      I've ported an existing podcast to Transistor, which was a really straightforward process. I also use it to host my current podcast and know Justin and Jon have a lot of interesting features planned. They also seem open to hearing feedback about the product. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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    • Been a user now for a little more than a month. Officially launching my podcast on Transistor today (TechNest.io). This is the hosting solution I knew I wanted even before I saw the product. So actually getting what I wanted at a really good price is a no brainer. Especially since I'm not a professional podcaster and I needed a simple solution that wouldn't demand a lot of skill to use. It was like Justin had somehow looked into my mind and to see my thoughts and then created the product around that.

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    Simplecast (2013)

    Podcasting Hosting and Metrics Made Easy

    DanSolo founder of Magpile and Subsail Β· Written
    Great platform, covering everything you need to host a podcast. Simple to use, solid performance.
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    I use Simplecast for Founders (https://www.founderspodcast.com) my podcast about the biographies of entrepreneurs. Great platform, easy setup and fast customer service.
  3. Prasad Lingawar
    Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Plivo Β· Written
    Never used it but I heard it is good.
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    Kevin Gilbert
    Kevin GilbertOwner, Koinology Β· Written
    Anchor is definitely making the production and delivery of podcasts to all platforms simple.
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    Myriam Oued
    Myriam OuedProject Manager | Tech savvy Β· Written
    Started to use Anchor for my Podcast. So far, it's good. try it out !
  4. It’s what all the big comedy podcasters use. Auto pushes to Spotify. Check out my pragmatic advice + dick jokes podcast, Sweat Equity https://apple.co/2NV2DRU
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    For my personal podcast we have been using Libsyn (https://www.libsyn.com/) for several years now. We made the move from SoundCloud 3 years ago and never looked back. Accurate, trustworthy reporting, easy feeds into all the major publishers and top notch customer service.
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  5. Grace McKenzie
    Grace McKenzieSurvey software...but for marketing. Β· Written
    We've been using this for around 6 months no and it's just great!
    We use Buzzsprout and find it gets our Product podcast out to everywhere it needs to be - including Spotify, iTunes etc https://itunes.apple.com/us/podc...
  6. Shlok Vaidya
    Shlok VaidyaDirector, Customer Success Operations Β· Written
    Dan Benjamin of 5by5 fame has essentially opened up his own stack as an offering - so it comes from a world class podcaster and technologist vs trying to discover those nuances
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    Instantly transcribe audio & search through voice

    Richard Rizk
    Richard RizkCTO of Blackbox Β· Written
    Richard Rizk made this product
    Great tool to instantly get full transcripts and 1-click search to retrace specific moments out of all of your podcasts.