Ben Yoskovitz
Ben YoskovitzEntrepreneur, investor & author

What's the best product/app for measuring air quality in a home?

I'm looking for something to measure overall air quality in a home. Not looking for something that measures things like carbon monoxide, more about general air irritants/pollutants.
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    A smart air quality monitor

    Also links with things like Next and Alexa
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    The smart air purifier

    A little bulky IMO. They have a new one in pre-launch
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    Smart home security for everyone

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    As weird as it may seem to see a "home security" product as a recommendation for general air quality, it's actually one of the main reasons I originally bought my Canary. They have awesome little graphs that show you general air pollutant/irritant levels and temperature levels in your home, hour by hour. It's so rad. In addition to having these awesome air data features, Canary kicks ass at it's main function of providing home security. I highly recommend!
    • Sean Schick
      Sean SchickDirector, InfoSec, State Farm

      I preordered the Canary after their kickstarter ended. Loved the device. The app on Android was flaky for a year, but steadily improved. Until they added membership. Then they slowly took away all the features I loved and moved them to membership. Now I have a live streaming camera, not a security device.