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AmrithHooman to Sando

What are some of your favorite location based apps? πŸ“πŸ“±

I've been seeing a rise in apps that performs actions based on the location you're in and I think that's a pretty cool space. Want to know if you've given any of these a shot and which ones you like the most 😸
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    Take a nap on commute without missing your stop!

    Roland HorvΓ‘th
    Roland HorvΓ‘th19yo developer, designer, WWDC scholar Β· Written
    Roland HorvΓ‘th made this product
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    Turn your run/bike/walk into a giant Etch-a-Sketch

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Similar to other fitness tracking apps like Nike+ and Strava, this app tracks your runs/bikes/travels and translates them into an etch-a-sketch image.
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    An app to help you save $ and travel more

    Beau Bergman
    Beau BergmanTripcents Co-Founder + Traveler Β· Written
    Beau Bergman made this product
    Generates a hotel and flight budget and helps you save for trips from your current location and beginning airport.
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    Gyroscope v3.5

    New Augmented Reality view of your life!

    Nick Abouzeid
    Nick AbouzeidGrowth @ Ramp Β· Written
    Love seeing my year's travel history artfully designed into one beautiful map.
  5. Nick Abouzeid
    Nick AbouzeidGrowth @ Ramp Β· Written
    Always fun to win a free Uber by crushing some trivia. It's like HQ, but mobile πŸš—
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    8 Productivity-Boosting Apps for Small Business Owners
    Sruti Raizada made this product
    Check if this could help!!
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    Blue Sky Paint

    Draw on the sky with friends βœοΈβ›…οΈ

    Lucas Rizzotto πŸŒŠπŸ‹πŸ’¦ made this product
    You can draw on your local sky anywhere, any time. Depending where you are geographically you get a completely different sky.
  8. 2
    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    I use Google Maps Timeline to view places visited, its like viewing Flickr map without photos but red dots instead of pink ones.
    sofia kazmi
    sofia kazmiSecret Life of Ninja Β· Written
    Simple & accurate
  9. 1
    vasanthMaker of things on Internet. Β· Written
    vasanth made this product
    Its a shameless self promotion. We use it in our office.
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    Discover & share your favorite beers

    Scott Kipp
    Scott KippProduct Manager, EdTech Β· Written
    Untappd isn't, in my impression, location-driven, so may not sqaurely fit under "location based", but it does allow you to see location-based (i.e. 'Nearby') activity. I like that because it serves purposes closely aligned with the app itself: I can see who is buying which beers close to me, and I can see who those people are. Each of those things is connected to an action with the app: the former being "add this beer to wish list", the latter being "friend this user" (after seeing what they're drinking and where, it's a request informed by location and common interests).
  11. 1

    Find top things to do nearby

    Jan Van Echelpoel
    Jan Van EchelpoelFront-end developer/UI designer. Β· Written
    Jan Van Echelpoel made this product
    I like Flinder especially when I'm on a citytrip. It makes it fun to explore a city to suggest things to do you didn't think of beforehand. P.S. I'm the maker so it's possible I'm a little biased 😬
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    Happy Cow

    Find the best vegan and vegetarian options

    I am vegetarian. It is difficult to travel without food. Finding food is a big problem in countries where vegetarianism is either uncommon, nonexistent or not understood, or even due to language barriers. I use this app to find places worth going just for the meal to satisfy the tummy, mostly in Tokyo/Japan. I hope people can add more data about places around them and help tourists like me.
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    The ultimate transport apps

    Chris Messina
    Chris MessinaπŸ† #1 Hunter! Β· Written
    It's the best way to get from point A to point B, across multiple modes of transit!