Julian Nacci
Julian NacciCEO - co-founder - Publidata

How to automate screenshot and GIF generation of a web app on each prod deployment?

Hello, Here is our use case : We build a SaaS app and we have Intercom helpcenter full of : - recordit.co gifs of our product showing product interactions - static product screenshots We iterate very fast on our UI and each time we deploy to production, it is a hassle to : - find out which screen / GIF we need to change in the helpcenter - remake all screenshots / GIFs (imagine you change a core element on your main nav...) I am looking for a product which would automate this and regenerate screenshots / record GIFs on each production deployment (or at least that you can run locally), maybe by recording macros / scenarios and running it : - is there any product making this out of the box ? - if no, has anybody yet done some hacking with casperjs / phantomjs / whetever lib to lead to this result ? Thanks !
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