Mariia BochevaHead of Sales and Marketing

What are the top 3 tools for a marketing analyst?

What would you recoomend to automate daily routine of the marketing analyst?
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    Count and analyze backlinks to a domain

    Murali SSr. Manager Digital Marketing · Written
    Great for small business, especially hunting for quality backlinks.
    Krishnan UnniFounder, Change Zealot @Pigtail Pundits · Written
    1. AHREFs for SEO Analysis of your brand and competition. Content explorer to find topics, shares, followers. Keyword Explorer to find who is ranking and who is linking to those who rank. 2. SimilarWeb for competitive marketing analysis 3. SEMRush for study of competitive PPC - spends, ads, keywords, budgets 4. SocialInsider for social media audits.
    K a u s h a lTechnology Writer, Maker in process · Written
    Great app with too much information loved it
    • Great tool. It's something that can change your rankings in Google dramatically - if you use it right! Luckily, they have in-depth guides.

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      Matt Pliszkadiscovering SaaS apps at pickSaaS.com

      Great app for ongoing monitoring of your website's positioning / SEO ranking. Easy to use, even to those not very familiar with SEO.

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    Instagram Analytics from Social Insider

    Get better at Instagram marketing by studying competition

    FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    Socialinsider is a must, on of the few subscriptions I pay. I looked for months for a good instagram competitors analysis tool and they were the only solution I found. Probably the best customer service I've seen, they made every change I asked for. ------- You can use the code 'frodriguezpenelas__6897' to get $50 off each month.
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    An all-in-one conversion optimization suite

    Janaki NoriProduct Marketing @ Freshworks · Edited
    I think every marketer need a CRO tool to analyse visitors behaviour with heatmaps and do A/B testing to see which copy performs better. Freshmarketer comes with 8 powerful tools that can give you all the insight you need to increase website conversions.
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      Marco PonceMarketer

      This tool has displaced optimizely x and hotjar for us for the following reasons.

      - More affordable

      - Can heatmap single page apps/forms

      - Can detect most forms on the market better than the likes of formismo for analytics with custom event fires

      - Delivers an enterprise feature from Optimizely for add custom attributes to test user on split testing.

      - Did I say more affordable?

      This is our ONE tool that can do it all for qualitative and quantaitive insights on our CRO program.

      Thanks Freshmarketer (formerly known as zarget) and I hope to help provide you further feedback to continue making your product better for us and the world.

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      Elliott FWeb Manager - Rewards4

      I had a choice between a number of A/B testing tools and decided to go with Freshmarketer as it had some nice features and allowed cross domain testing.

      After using the tools for over a year it has just been getting better and better. New tools have been added such as session replay & personalisation which was at the heart of our Black friday campaign this year.

      I highly recommend Freshmarketer to anyone who needs a powerful all in one UX optimization tool.

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    FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    Tons of features for digging into content and search.
  5. 620497
    FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    Simple to use and powerfull. Lots of features that could help.
    ShriramBlockchain Obsessed. Fan of Naval. · Written
    This tool is of particular interest as the SUMO team has a ever growing ecosystem. IMHO, this could possibly serve to ensure Marketing Operations Continuity if certain stand-alone best of breed solutions stop development and / or are acquired by other companies.
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    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer · Edited
    It is an All-in-One CRM that provides all the 3 necessary modules - marketing, sales and service automation. For marketing automation, this tool provides Email Marketing, Landing pages, Email Tracking, Web Engagement popups, web forms, exit-intent popups, video emails, newsletters, multichannel campaigns, push notifications, social listening, social media marketing, lead management.
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    Real-time mentions of your startup from social & the web

    Aleh BarysevichFounder, SEO PowerSuite & Awario · Written
    Aleh Barysevich made this product
    Awario can be super helpful if you want to do brand monitoring and also monitor what people are saying about your competitors and the industry in general. There's a number of reports available that let you see how the number of mentions of your brand and their reach are growing over time, and compare that data to competitors.
    I know the most effective: - KISSmetrics; - SEO Pack; - BuzzSumo; - MailChimp.
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      David BerkowitzPrincipal, Serial Marketer

      I used to work for a higher end competitor to Awario. Now, I’m at a startup running marketing where I don’t have a huge budget. Awario gets me enough of the info I need day to da, and the price and value work out well.

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      Jan KuzelB2B SaaS Marketing

      Been a happy user for couple months. I monitor brands of my clients, names of my professional friends and favourite experts to learn more about them.

      I also use some complex queries to monitor for new work, for example I list links to job subdomains of all the HR platforms (workable, breezy, lever, vervoe, etc.) in combination with specific keywords I am interested in. Works pretty good at catching ton of these mentions from twitter.

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    Awario Leads

    A real-time social media feed full of targeted leads 🔥

    Masha MaksimavaProduct & Marketing · Written
    A neat tool to analyze demand and find your early adopters/first customers.
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      Hendrik HaandrikmanVP of Growth, Bitrise

      Used Awario close to a month as we were exploring different media monitoring solutions. When Leads launched, they graciously gave us an extended trial.

      Eventually, we didn't go with Awario because we saw a better hitrate for mentions on a competing service (admittedly much more expensive). The Awario Leads feature was so interesting, that we replicated it using some rather complicated boolean queries in the new service. Had to tweak our current setup quite extensively to have it work like Awario Leads did out of the box.

      If we were earlier stage or had a tighter budget to work with, Awario would've probably been my first choice: It gave us 85-90ish % of the hits for less than 1/3 of the price of our current service.

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      J. AllenIndependence Political Journalist

      I purchased Awario from AppSumo back in February. I knew the tool wasn't yet perfect, but I saw huge potential in it, and I trusted the developers* to live up to that potential. So far, so good. They continue to improve existing features, and add new ones.

      Awario is a very powerful tool that will help virtually any business in multiple areas. You can monitor your own and/or your competitors, find leads (including for people doing affiliate marketing), and use it for good, old fashioned content promotion (I've found dozens of sites to promote my articles on).

      All in all, it paid for itself after only a week. Money well spent, I'd say.

      *I've used SEO PowerSuite, developed by the same team as Awario, for years now, and know it's a great set of tools that are constantly adding useful new features.

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    @BernardamusCo-Founder, Social Elephants · Written
    @Bernardamus made this product
    To cover your needs in Social Media Marketing analysis, Social Elephants provides benchmarks of competitors with insights about the main metrics, an overview of the popular content and frequent keywords/hashtags and an analysis of the performance of different media formats. Apart from this, Social Elephants allows full management of the owned social profiles, powerful social media customer service and very complete Reports. FREE 14 day trial and plans starting from 15€/mo.
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    CleverTap 2.0

    Integrates app analytics and mobile engagement

    Tanushree ShenviMarketing Manager, CleverTap · Written
    CleverTap helps you segment, analyze and engage with all your users real-time
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    Get the most out of Instagram on the web 📸

    Alonzo TangFounder at diggoods.com · Written
    Pro: if you feel actual tools are not enough; if you need a deep search on Instagram; if you are an influencer or creator, use it!
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      Alonzo TangFounder at diggoods.com

      Instagweb.com is the best online Instagram posts viewer and web client search tool to explore trending celebrities, hot brands, popular users, hashtags, and influencers on Instagram.

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    Your AI-powered marketing navigation system

    Ryan AbramsDirector of Marketing @ InfiniGrow · Written
    Ryan Abrams made this product
    InfiniGrow collects your marketing performance data and external market data, analyzes and learns from it using mchine learning and makes recommendations for how much budget to put towards each marketing channel in order to to hit your goal.
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