What's the best snack subscription service?

Looking to try new snacks and have them delivered to work. Things I'm especially keen on: Jerky, Energy Bars, and Chips
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    Delicious, nutritious snacks, delivered to your door.

    From pure fruit, to wholesome treats and dips & dippers – they have a variety of over 100 snacks with millions of graze box combinations, which means there's always something different to try.
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    A monthly box of snacks from around the world

    Choose between three different sizes of monthly crates: four, eight, and 16 snacks. Select a country for your first SnackCrate. Each month, they'll send you a box filled with snacks from a new country.
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    Healthy foods, beverages, snacks, and more delivered monthly

    With gluten-free, vegan, classic, and diet options, and one- to six-month subscriptions, UrthBox caters to all kinds of healthy lifestyles. Each box is filled with full-size savory and sweet snacks, such as dried meats, nuts, and granola, and healthy beverages (think: coconut water and nutrition shakes).
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    Monthly box - healthy food, beverages & lifestyle products

    Want an all-around wellness experience? Try out Bestowed Box, which comes chock-full of healthy lifestyle products, from skin essentials, such as hand soap and suntan lotion, to nutritious treats and handy snacks.