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Dawni am not a robot

I am looking for a web album like Picasa used to be.

How can I share photo albums, that sync with a desktop folder, but allow captions under images while in album view? I can only seem to find one feature or the other at a time. Web or Windows.
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    Google Photos

    Automatic backup and unlimited storage for all your photos

    Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker Β· Written
    Seems like you are looking for something like Google Photos?
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    reconPython developer Β· Written
    I'm pretty sure Google Photos quite literally replaced Picasa. Anyways, Photos is absolutely fantastic for categorising and displaying your photos. The AI to organise and separate objects, people, and pets is scarily good (and useful).
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    Kavir KayceeProduct Manager | On Deck Fellow | ISB Β· Written
    Google Photos will do the trick including adding descriptions (captions) to images
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    Flickr for mobile 4.0

    Upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos

    Flickr also has web albums, you can use the Sync client on Desktop, Auto-upload via Mobile apps, and allows captions for images. You can also view your images on a map based on geolocation data. What's more? you get a storage space of 1 TB for FREE. Yay! I know you want to thank me, but please thank Yahoo first for keeping it running! :-)
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    try Flickr and you get a storage space of 1 TB for FREE
    try Flickr and you get a storage space of 1 TB for FREE
  3. Bogomil Shopov - BogoProducts. Security. Privacy. Ethics. Β· Written
    It's a powerful photo management software and it supports many features picasa-like
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    Google Photos 2.0

    Free storage & automatic organization for all your memories

    Picasa is dead. You can use Google Photos and sys anything and anywhere you wish!
  5. Dropbox can handle photos well