What's the best fashion app out there?

What's the next big thing in the fast-growing m-commerce industry?
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    A personal roadmap to dress better

    Colin Flynn
    Colin FlynnDifferential General Manager / Developer · Written
    Cladwell gives daily outfit recommendations based on what's in your closet, tracks what you wear most often, and even items that you could get rid of. So the future of fashion m-commerce may not be about buying more clothes.
    Seriously life changing app! I use Cladwell every single day!
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    The personalized fashion marketplace

    It's personalised to your taste and needs. Great app, awesome team, good site.
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    Fashion Tap

    Make money from sharing & tagging the brands you're wearing

    Eithiriel DeMeré
    Eithiriel DeMeréHead of Community @ Source.Network · Written
    FashionTap is the social network for the fashion world that lets you make money from sharing and tagging the brands and products that you already know and love.
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    Wentao Xiao made this product
    If you're like me and you look to your friends for a second opinion before buying clothes then definitely check this out!
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    Polyvore (iOS)

    Fashion, design, & style shopping personalized for you

    The best fashion app (hands down) is Polyvore. It's easy to shop on and you can also create sets to show off your creativity and fashion knowledge! I love Polyvore...it's addictive! You can find me on there as jennross76 😉
    JezebelisgoneIntrigued with marketing since Benetton. · Written
    Like he said, "Hands down the best fashion app out there." I wanted to point out that it is also on Android.
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    Shop By Outfits
    Faisal Shaik
    Faisal ShaikProduct Manager · Written
    Affordable clothing recommendations for men. All products on Amazon.
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    Shop 1,000+ amazing brands in one beautiful app

    In a world where everything demands that you join before you are able to simply browse items, or where all that is really desired from you is your personal data, Spring has a noticeable, but not "in-your-face" request to join. The box simply contains a brief message and a button to join. It doesn't follow you as you scroll down the screen like an ex who can't get over you. It is simply there, waiting for you when you scroll back up to the top, calmly (the color scheme is blues and greens) and reassuringly. Putting the "On sale" section as the first option in the carousel for the different departments is genius too--we all know that's what we want to see first anyway. Spring, at least, gets it. The variety of items is pretty massive. If you are looking for all of the top brands, no longer must you hunt for each individual designer on a mishmash of websites. Simply go to the Spring app and search for brands like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, French Connection, or even New Balance, Abercrombie and Fitch, or Urban Outfitters. If you're trying to find that perfect festival look for the coming summer, Spring has you covered with its seasonal recommendations. Want to look for a dress by hemline? You can do that too! Save brands for finding more easily? Absolutely, they've got that too! Over all, a great app with an array of different designers at different price points. Try it out--you can't go wrong.
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    NakedEye App
    Victor Kalimuthu made this product
    Naked Eye App specializes in aggregating high-quality beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for users within a single platform. Provides beauty trends, tutorials, products, and advice within a click away at the user’s convenience. The app is dedicated to bringing latest fashion tips, makeup news, beauty tricks, trends and ideas in the beauty and fashion industry around the globe by automatically pulling content/news from the top popular fashion and beauty websites and magazines. It's a daily summary of "need-to-know news" drawing on various beauty and fashion sources. This unique platform offers latest, daily and weekly news content compilations on fashion, beauty, lifestyle or you can even search for your interest. All browsed news is kept in the History and user’s favorites are also captured for future references.
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    Shop all your favorite brands from one app

    Nevin Jethmalani
    Nevin JethmalaniCo-Founder & CEO, Looq · Written
    Nevin Jethmalani made this product
    *I am a founder of this company Looq keeps you up to date on the latest products, sales, and news about all your favorite brands. It has native checkout and products from hundreds of brands in the same app.