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Good cross platform chat SDK for a mobile app?

We've had a pretty poor experience with our current chat SDK provider, and are looking for alternative solutions. Any feedback would help : )
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    Stream Chat

    Build, code and ship in app messaging in a few hours

    tschellenbach3CEO GetStream.io · Written
    tschellenbach made this product
    Stream makes it super simple to add Chat to your application. With a beautiful UI kit, React Components and a Go powered backend API you have everything you need to get up and running. AI based moderation is integrated into the product to help reduce your moderation work load. Stream's tech reaches over 500 million end users, it's the most performant and scalable option you can find in the market. Customers searching for reliability are typically choosing between Stream or Pubnub. If uptime is the most important to you I would recommend those 2 options. If you care about ease of use most I would choose between Stream and Sendbird.
  2. David MichaelDigital Marketing executive, Contus · Written
    Contus Fly is an enterprise grade enterprise chat application API that can be used to build a standalone chat application with collaborative features. It has an SDK which can also be integrated into app backends to develop in-app chat features that dispel confusion and uncertainty in enterprise communication.
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    Comparing with other providers, the pricing model is too cheap. Contus Fly suits all kinds of communication like Messaging, Voice, Video with extra-ordinary features. I should recommend Contus Fly.
  3. Tailored chat SDK support for all Business.
    Heard a lot about the messaging app. So recommended for the users.
  4. Hello Meeks, Just try Mirrorfly's chat SDK that propels smooth chat experience.
    David MichaelDigital Marketing executive, Contus · Written
    Callkit feature is good!
    The Mirrorfly is an ideal choice for a cross-platform Chat SDK mobile app
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    AppLozic - Chat & In-App Messaging SDK

    Chat API & messaging SDK for your mobile and web apps

    Syed Zainul HaqueMarketing Manager | Growth Guy · Written
    Hey Jason! We have tried Applozic and it has been a great experience. They have great support and offer the product at an affordable price. Have a go at it for sure!
  6. José TeixeiraCo-Founder of Cosmicode · Written
    I think Twilio can do everything that you need.
    They are truly cross platform. Their rates https://www.twilio.com/chat/pricing
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    The simplest chat & messaging solution for your app

    Have you tried this?
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    App success made simple by google

    jasonjwarrenCEO, R+W Studios · Written
    We've used Firebase for chat in multiple apps with up to several million users, and it's easy, no drama, and solid performance.
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    Add audio, video & messenger chat to your website or app

    Shivangi ShrivastavaMarketing head at CometChat · Written
    CometChat is a great pick for chat SDK. Highly scalable & customisable: from two to a million users. It comes with ready UI with complete source code that can be modified very easily.
  10. Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    This may be just what you're looking for!
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  11. Lynne McEachernCEO & Co-founder Impressed · Written
    Based on our own research, Intercom seems like the most scalable for both CS chat and sales, on-boarding, automation and integration. Although, I prefer pricing based on AMU, not on the numbers of users you have in your 'list', like Mailchimp does. Maybe that isn't possible if it is mobile and web...
  12. Grant FuellenbachJack of all Trades, Growth Ops @ TextUs · Written
    This is a direct competitor to Intercom, only much more cost effective.
  13. Like w most they also have a free base setup to see if it meets your reqs
  14. Julien RoubieuSoftware Engineer · Written
    We tried Smooch after a bad experience with some other player too. We are using their SDKs for Android and iOS, as well as ready-to-go integrations with Slack and Front. Support of multiple channels can be a real plus for some applications.
  15. Cross-platform MIT License. OCF ( Open Chat Framework ) is an object oriented event emitter framework for building chat applications in Javascript. OCF makes it easy to build Slack, Flowdock, Discord, Skype, Snapchat, or WhatsApp with ease. Built for iOS, Android and Web apps. The realtime server component is provided by Socket.io or PubNub or BYO. OCF is extensible and includes a plugin framework to make dropping in features simple.
  16. Paresh PatelCo-Founder, Abhisi Sales & Support · Written
    We have tested both and the APIs are well documented.
    Paresh PatelCo-Founder, Abhisi Sales & Support · Written
    I think twilio and Smooch are both good choices.
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    MessageBird Chat API

    Connect with your customers through different messaging apps

    Ryan SouryEngineer, Freelancer, Tinkerer 🍓 👾 · Written
    If you're looking for an alternative to twilio, use this.
  18. Anjali BhardwajI am a service provider at SISGAIN. · Written
    SISGAIN is the finest telemedicine app development company that builds applications that transform ideas into reality. Its tailor based applications are built from scratch based on the client's requirement. It helps businesses revolutionize their sales. It helps to capture unique business needs by enabling the organization to practice their marketing strategy deployed on emerging technologies. It equips your business to stay ahead in an era of technological change. It helps you build a website that turns visitors into customers. It builds robust and dynamic websites rich in features and user interface that helps in longer customer engagement that further assist in generating revenues for your business house.