Jesse Middleton
Jesse MiddletonVC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.

Are there any startups that tackle first outreach as a service (for sales)?

Perhaps an API that connects good sales people, on the phone with script & with leads?
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    Riley 2.0

    Respond to real estate leads in under 2 mins, 24/7, via text

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    YC-backed Riley is doing this via SMS for real-estate agents, reducing the time to first response. I imagine they would expand to other industries in the future.
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    Get human tasks done with just one line of code.

    John Murch
    John MurchDeveloper/Marketer · Written
    Automate outbound leads
    • The quality that you could get with scale is unbeatable, even with the advancement of AI, humans are still better at some tasks.

  3. Synap
    SynapSynap Software Labs · Written facilitates initial contact and automates email campaigns. If the contact responds or shows interest, they hand-off the communication to your sales team to continue nurturing.