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What is the best screenshot app?

Everyday there are thousands of things to be screenshotted. Especially when you are on a desktop. I use Windows and Mac OS what are the best apps you have come across to for both platforms?
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    Great screenshot sharing tool

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    +1 on CloudApp. The ability to record gifs and annotate screenshots makes it super useful. I like it best because it "just works." I like setting it to default "copy content" to my clipboard, so whenever I take a screenshot, it's easy to paste it right into slack.
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    Super minimalistic and clean. Also uploads screenshots to the cloud quickly if you want.
    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    I've recommended CloudApp so many times and I'll do it so many more times because it's the best. Screenshots, recordings, creating GIFs... CloudApp does it all and makes it so ridiculously easy. I would happily do an infomercial demonstrating the ease of use, complete with overenthusiastic gesturing and yelling.
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    Fast & easy screenshot and annotation tool

    Works on both and it has a lot of options. And... it's... FREE :D
    I use it every day. Launch it thru keyboard shorcut and configured it to auto-copy the screenshot to Yoink panel for easy drag-n-drop to another app or website. . Easiest snapshot workflow ever
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    Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

    My favorite screenshot & annotation extension for Chrome

    Graham JenkinCo-founder & CEO, CoinList · Written
    Most of my screenshotting is of web UIs and Nimbus is the best Chrome extension I've used for this. Handles whole page, selected area of a page, cropping, manipulation, annotation and - bonus - records screencasts.
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    Kyle HessFintech Product Manager · Written
    RIP, but it's still so dope.
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    Opera Neon

    A concept of tomorrow’s web browser you can play with today.

    Dominik BleilevensFreelance UX Designer & Voice Enthusiast · Written
    It is not directly a screenshot tool, but the integrated screenshot function of Opera Neon is pretty amazing I think. I only use this since I installed the browser.
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    A faster way to take screencasts Free + GIF Support

    dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies & StartupBerlin.co · Written
    Tried Recordit and its pretty neat. Love the functionality of uploading the screen-shot directly to the web as a .gif.
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    Awesome Screenshot (iOS)

    Screenshot & annotate w/ this extension for Safari on iOS 8

    Kostas XiradakisProduct Manager at Viva Wallet · Written
    I prefer using Awesome Screenshot because it allows me to quickly annotate a screenshot. Alternatively, I use the native MacOS app for screenshot (CMD+Shift+4 for snippets) and automatically placing them in a Dropbox folder to share with friends or coworkers.
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    Upload Mac screenshots anywhere, immediately paste URL

    Emily HodginsCOO @ Product Hunt · Written
    I use captured all the time. It's very simple and easy to use.
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    CloudApp Annotate

    Annotate screenshots right from your Mac's menu bar!

    Niv Dror¯\_(ツ)_/¯ · Written
    CloudApp just launched Annotate, which lets you screenshot/GIF/Video record right form your menu bar, and now you can add Skitch-style annotations as well -- super convenient.
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    TechSmith Snagit
    ChakkaradeepSenior Product Manager, Microsoft · Written
    Love this tool and use it across Windows and Mac devices. Has pretty cool features and you can also take short videos.
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    Wondershare Cropro
    Celine CarpetProductivity, travel · Written
    Tool should support Windows and Mac I think. Cropro lets you quickly capture any screen, make visual how-to guides, give better feedback and make your communication more productive. http://bit.ly/2vKEoRX