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Are there platforms where people decide to meet someone other than by looking at their pictures?

Today people have to decide if they want to meet someone just by looking at their pictures. What if people have some other criteria to decide? Do you have anything in mind?
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    Katerina PetkovskaChief Marketing Officer · Written
    Meetup is completely based on common interests
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    Couchsurfing Hangouts

    Meet nearby travelers and locals, no planning required

    Andreas HatlemCEO, CreativeAgency as · Written
    Before using covid I used meet people via Hangouts both when traveling and when I was at home. It's not the image of the person that is crucial, but often an common interest in travel.
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    The relationship app. Rebuilt & redesigned for relationships

    P GuptaBuild products that matter · Written
    Not sure of the context, but I have heard that this app is pretty good!