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bettyFounder @MiaoAcademy

What is the easiest tool to create GIFs? πŸ€”

I am creating some simple gifs for marketing use but find it a bit troublesome using Photoshop, any simple ways to create Gifs? 🀷
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    Create emoji & text gifs in seconds

    Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Opal πŸ’Ž Β· Written
    It's super simple and clean! I may be biased because @rahulmfg made it but it does the job well and it's very low effort :)
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    Delightful GIF Recording App for Mac

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ James BrownGrowth Hacker at Several Startups <3 Β· Written
    Best for os x when you want to create saas screencast on your landingpage.
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    Makes .gifs stupidly big

    Guillaume BardetBuilding AdeptSchool.com Β· Written
    Amrith recommendation was great! This one has quite a few features, and it is well designed! I hope this helps :)
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    Search animated GIFs on the web

    Super quick and easy
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    Francois CourtinCo-founder & COO @KintoHub Β· Written
    Giphy is probably the best. It's fast, intuitive and takes most standard formats as accepted sources. The only downsides imho are: - yours GIFs can only be public - low image quality (but pretty common for GIF)
    Its the best one
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    Resize, crop, and edit GIFs in your browser

    Nivas RavichandranStartup Partnerships at Freshworks Β· Written
    I have personally loved EZGIF. Super simple and direct. Has always worked.
    I found it easy, fast, clean, and it got the job done.
    Camp OliviaLoving cool things in this world! Β· Written
    This one is really an easy and brilliant option! Online-based, totally free, create a gif in less than 1 min. Great help for my SNS marketing!
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    Record animated GIF screencasts

    Michael RidderingFounding designer @ Maven Β· Written
    I asked the team at @intercom what they used and they recommended LICEcap. It's easily the ugliest logo of any piece of software I use but man is it a great product. I use it every day.
    small size and simple
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    Create animated GIFs from videos (by Giphy)

    Lim Chee AunProduct Engineer Β· Written
    It's easy to add multiple photos or video, and generate GIF with captions and stickers.
    Joseph AbrahamFounder - SaaS Industry Β· Written
    We at @growthbasket have found this tool to be a great tool! Works awesome... It also collates GIF's from other platforms and tools!
    Joseph AbrahamFounder - SaaS Industry Β· Written
    We at @growthbasket have found this tool to be a great tool! Works awesome... It also collates GIF's from other platforms and tools!
  8. MMOEFSCash Machine Β· Written
    because is the best way to play video videos and gifs on mac
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    Turn GIFs into lightweight HTML5 videos that you can share

    Mahesh ShresthaHunt down the products I use | Engineer Β· Written
    The best one ever, can create 60secs long GIFs.
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    Giphy Capture

    Turn anything on your screen into a GIF!

    David HutchesonDigital Customer Support Evangelist Β· Written
    If you are creating instructional gifs or anything that uses screen capture, Giphy Capture is wonderful. Super easy, intuitive interface - Record, annotate, upload to their service or download locally in seconds. *Note: It is currently only available on Mac*
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    Giphy Capture is my go-to and makes it easy to trim and edit the quality of a GIF to reduce file size (which can quickly become large).
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    Create Gifs from Videos (Mac App)

    Free, well designed and intuitive. If you have a Mac do yourself a favour. ^
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    Timeline 2.0 for Sketch

    Interaction design for Sketch + export code

    Or ArbelCo-founder Anima App | Prev. Yo Β· Written
    Or Arbel made this product
    You can create GIFs in Sketch!
  13. FerminRPGrowth Hacker Β· Written
    I use ilovepdf and iloveimg at least once a week to solve simple tasks like this.
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    Capture your screen

    Don't know why nobody mentioned it. Kap is super awesome! Clean, minimal, extendable with various plugins, free & open source! I always get a good quality out of it with a good file size.
  15. Crello.com have a nice collection of animated designs (perfect for the social media posts).
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    Convert videos to high-quality GIFs

    Nichlas W. AndersenDesign at Raycast Β· Written
    This one is pretty great if you already have a video that you just want to convert to GIF
  17. Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Infracloud Β· Written
    I am surprised nobody mentioned Powerpoint, highly recommended for newbies :)