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What is the best HTML5 / CSS editor for Mac?

Just started with HTML5 and I'm looking for a good editor. What is the best choice in your experience? Thanks a lot.
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    Visual Studio Code

    Cross-platform & free robust code editor from Microsoft

    Dimitris StrantsalisWeb Developer, CERTH · Written
    After switching between many code editors, I end up using VS Code, it fast, flexible and reliable. It also has many useful HTML add-ons to make the whole thing easier.
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    James MalviCEO Rave Solution · Written
    VSC is the best for development. if you just want to create prototype, this tool may get handy.
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    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

    Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Opal 💎 · Written
    I'm not a developer by any means, but I've always been hacking on front-end stuff and making landings for all my projects etc. Atom is great because it has a wide range of plugins and customizations that make the whole experience a lot smoother. The best part is it is integrated with GitHub and I use GitHub Pages to host my sites so it's really easy to publish changes etc :)
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  3. Olivia ChangFounder, Readlio · Written
    Brackets has an awesome live-reload feature which *highlights the parts of your website which is affected by the current line of CSS you are editing*. I can't stress this enough - it makes it so easy to figure out why your styles aren't working.
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    If you're just starting out with HTML, then I highly recommend Brackets. Although I use Visual Studio Code day-to-day, Brackets was great at helping me understand the fundamentals of HTML, and more importantly, how CSS and HTML interact. I would move to Visual Studio Code once you're comfortable with HTML/CSS and want to customise your developer experience for efficiency and personal preference.
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    Sublime Text 3.0

    The long awaited version 3 of the popular code editor

    it's great, not as memory consuming as the electron apps like Atom or VS Code, and has lots of features
    AmarBlockchain Freelance Writer · Written
    Extensive addons, great performance.
    Mucahit TutuncuSoftware Developer, Product Designer · Written
    Simple and easy to use. I've used for 4+ years.
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    Coda 2.5 by Panic

    A fast, clean, and powerful text editor

    Made by Panic Inc. Very refined, reliable & versatile text editor out-of-the-box.
    PrimerFounder of Songbox · Written
    Coda was my go to for several years. It is better than a something like VSC because of it’s built in FTP tools. You can easily edit sites that are live such as Wordpress templates etc.
    Tudor BaidocVisual Designer · Written
    Also using Coda. I love having everything in one app (mysql, ftp, ssh)
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    Pinegrow + Atom

    The perfect IDE for the web

    If you like a Webflow like experience but with more control over fine tuning code, Pinegrow and Atom together is actually a pretty cool solution.
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    Visual Studio Code 1.0

    Microsoft's cross-platform text editor for developers

    Full blown editor - Visual Studio Code Quick hacking w/o setting up anything - CodePen
    Full blown editor - Visual Studio Code Quick hacking w/o setting up anything - CodePen
  8. Stas UstimenkoPM in Codelobster Software · Written
    It is a very popular editor with very extended functionality
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  10. Tech EspressoWeb Developer and Computer Technician · Written
    We have tried all sorts of development tools and platforms and have come to the conclusion that Espresso works the best for us. It is very customizable and has everything you need. They have a trial version that never expires (just a few nags once in a while) and the full version is only about $80. Definitely a great choice and worth looking into!