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What is the best HTML5 / CSS editor for Mac?

Just started with HTML5 and I'm looking for a good editor. What is the best choice in your experience? Thanks a lot.
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    Visual Studio Code

    Cross-platform & free robust code editor from Microsoft

    Dimitris Strantsalis
    Dimitris StrantsalisWeb Developer, CERTH · Written
    After switching between many code editors, I end up using VS Code, it fast, flexible and reliable. It also has many useful HTML add-ons to make the whole thing easier.
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    James Malvi
    James MalviCEO Rave Solution · Written
    VSC is the best for development. if you just want to create prototype, this tool may get handy.
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    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

    Amrith Shanbhag
    Amrith Shanbhag6Head of Social at Product Hunt · Written
    I'm not a developer by any means, but I've always been hacking on front-end stuff and making landings for all my projects etc. Atom is great because it has a wide range of plugins and customizations that make the whole experience a lot smoother. The best part is it is integrated with GitHub and I use GitHub Pages to host my sites so it's really easy to publish changes etc :)
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  3. Olivia Chang
    Olivia ChangFounder, Readlio · Written
    Brackets has an awesome live-reload feature which *highlights the parts of your website which is affected by the current line of CSS you are editing*. I can't stress this enough - it makes it so easy to figure out why your styles aren't working.
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    If you're just starting out with HTML, then I highly recommend Brackets. Although I use Visual Studio Code day-to-day, Brackets was great at helping me understand the fundamentals of HTML, and more importantly, how CSS and HTML interact. I would move to Visual Studio Code once you're comfortable with HTML/CSS and want to customise your developer experience for efficiency and personal preference.
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    Sublime Text 3.0

    The long awaited version 3 of the popular code editor

    it's great, not as memory consuming as the electron apps like Atom or VS Code, and has lots of features
    AmarBlockchain Freelance Writer · Written
    Extensive addons, great performance.
    Mucahit Tutuncu
    Mucahit TutuncuSoftware Developer, Product Designer · Written
    Simple and easy to use. I've used for 4+ years.
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    Coda 2.5 by Panic

    A fast, clean, and powerful text editor

    Made by Panic Inc. Very refined, reliable & versatile text editor out-of-the-box.
    MickSongBox Founder / GetFed Co-Founder · Written
    Coda was my go to for several years. It is better than a something like VSC because of it’s built in FTP tools. You can easily edit sites that are live such as Wordpress templates etc.
    Tudor Baidoc
    Tudor BaidocA Web & UI Designer · Written
    Also using Coda. I love having everything in one app (mysql, ftp, ssh)
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    Pinegrow + Atom

    The perfect IDE for the web

    If you like a Webflow like experience but with more control over fine tuning code, Pinegrow and Atom together is actually a pretty cool solution.
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    Visual Studio Code 1.0

    Microsoft's cross-platform text editor for developers

    Full blown editor - Visual Studio Code Quick hacking w/o setting up anything - CodePen
    Full blown editor - Visual Studio Code Quick hacking w/o setting up anything - CodePen