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What is the best online form software that gives the user a report at the end with their results?

Looking for results that are either displayed, able to be downloaded or that can be emailed after completion. Update: Have found some options by looking in the quiz maker, survey space as they sometimes offer the ability to have a pdf. created at the end.
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    Typeform makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful

    Some time ago I used Typeform for academic research and it worked perfectly for what I needed.
  2. 22

    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    Jordan SingerI build my ideas. · Written
    Airtable lets you turn spreadsheets into forms, and becomes very powerful with sorting and filtering. Highly recommended
  3. 13

    Teamwork made easy, Get Sh!t Done without email

    Teekay MerahBrand Manager & Content Creator · Written
    I personally use Azendoo to track my work, mainly the amount of time spent on each task. You have a time analytics section on the app, which helps you analyse your data and, perhaps, spend more time on certain subjects :) I simply love it (I must admit I love tracking data and my results in general)
  4. Dave PolyEntrepreneur, tech lover · Written
    Quick and easy interactive tools. Not a lot of selection of the types of input/outputs, though.
  5. Dan CorkillCo-Founder, Follow Up Boss · Written
    Simple to setup surveys and share reports with team at the end visually and via .csv
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    Make Chatbots to replace your regular old webforms

    Ish JindalFounder, Tars · Written
    Ish Jindal made this product
    You get an email every time anyone goes through the conversational form and you can also download the responses in an excel sheet. They also have a number of input types like buttons, carousels, date/time scrollers etc.