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What are the most inspiring sustainable, ethical companies?

I’m collecting a list of companies or products that are not only over-financed hipster brands but instead have a real purpose as a company to succeed and be sustainable from the start. Ideally, the companies or products should also care about ethics and mostly about the human side of their clients. As an example, the outdoor company Patagonia would be an example of a sustainable company which cares about the environment, the future of people and takes a lot of responsibility for what they do. They also ask themselves a lot of ethical questions and often go the hard miles to improve supply chains which “no one” did before. If you know such brands, companies or products, please let me know. If you want to know more of these, spread the word and help me get this list full of amazing people and brands.
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    Worn Wear

    Buy quality used Patagonia gear

    Anselm Hannemann
    Anselm HannemannCreator of Ethics. · Written
    A great idea showing that Patagonia is not acting only for profit but also for protecting the environment and making very sustainable clothing. I like their business model and thinking a lot, they also share inspiration in books about their company culture and are a certified "B-corporation" and part of "1% for the planet".
  2. The world's first ethical bank since 1974, a German cooperative bank (ie the bank belongs to its clients), invests exclusively in the social sector, renewable energy, sustainability, education, housing, organic farming and many other good causes. They make political demands to make the planet a better one than it is today.
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    Anselm Hannemann
    Anselm HannemannCreator of Ethics. · Written
    True, I’m a very happy customer of them since a couple of years already. And while their online banking is nothing outstanding (but totally fine compared to other German banks) their service and public engagement is outstanding and their pricing model entirely fair for everyone. 👌
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    Enriching & ethical wellness travel experiences

    Nabeena M
    Nabeena MMarketing for AppInstitute & Soulscape · Written
    Nabeena M made this product
    Soulscape is an ethical travel company that curates enriching travel experiences rooted in building relationships with local communities in lesser-known destinations around the world.
  4. Leader in fashion sustainability and really cool looking!
  5. Garik Himebaugh
    Garik HimebaughChief Stylist, Eco-Stylist · Written
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    I've created this tool which helps men shop for clothes by connecting them to brands exactly like the one's you're describing. All of the brands are researched and vetted and include brands such as Adelante Shoe Company, Conscious Step, Knowledge Cotton, Nisolo, Apolis, and more :)
  6. Coffee vendor who not only sells "Fair Trade" but puts an emphasis on personal relationships with the producers and actively supports community projects in the coffee growing region. CoffeeCircle's local support does not follow classic donation methods but aims to support the producers economically, therefore supporting in a dignified way.
  7. Toms : for every pair of shoes bought, a new pair is for a child in need, today in more than 70 countries. Formica for their sustainability :
  8. Joseph Schiarizzi
    Joseph SchiarizziEach man is a little war. · Written
    One I like a lot is Optoro ( They are reverse logistics and help tons of stuff that is about to be sent to a land fill get sold cheaply. Super great team that is really in it to help retail giants cut waste like crazy.