What are the best apps for recording screen on iPhone?

I am looking for screen recorders for iphone
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  1. Andy PCreative entrepreneur. · Written
    its easy.
    Dustin DanielsChildren's Book Author/App Developer · Written
    Yea, just connect via cable to your computer and use QT. Super easy. Although iOS 11 has screen recording built-in now
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    Screen Flow

    Screen recording and editing for Mac

    QuickTime is easiest, but this has more features, like the ability to show your video + desktop + narrate what's going on.
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    Mobile Web Recorder

    Mobile web recording app with narration and animated touches

    Dustin KnopoffStudent, CS/Design · Written
    If you just need web, this does and does it good! PiP might be coming in the future too...
  4. 1
    iOS 11

    The latest operating system from Apple

    It's now built natively into iOS