What services do you use to rent a car?

Do you use the same service consistently or price comparison apps to shop around?
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    Smart cars on demand

    pherkanproduct designer at envision | · Written
    Really depends on what you want to use it for. But if Car2Go is available in your city, go for it.
    I use Car2go religiously in NYC. The smart car size is perfect when nestling into parking spots throughout the city. The only downside to the program is how few 4-person vehicles there are (I believe there are a handful of 4 door Mercedes but you have a better chance of the Gtrain arriving on time).
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    Car rental that doesn't suck

    Greg KopyltsovStaff Software Engineer @ Accord · Written
    Great experience for a comparable price tag. They only rent Audi’s so it helps if you’re an Audi fan. I’ve used mainly for airport pickups, their policies towards gas and amenities are fair as well.
    Jose ZamoraDev @ Sparkpost · Written
    I've used Silvercar for a ski trip and it was a really great experience. They added a ski rack on request at no extra charge. Their mobile app is super helpful and all their vehicles have AWD & Wifi. They usually have a discount for first time renters and a discount if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card.
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    Rent exotic cars near you, right from your phone.

    Kyle AlwynCoding things in Javascript & Ruby · Written
    Easy and affordable. Recent partnership with Uber will make Getaround even more accessible.
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    Anne-SophieCommunity @ api.video · Written
    Zipcar is the original king of the on-demand cars. Their service is easy to use and convenient.
    Hitchhiker GuidesFounder, Hitchhiker Guides Travel App · Written
    ZipCar is great.. easy to use, super simple and so many cars are just sitting there all over the city so you can get to one in no time
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    Kimberley WilliamsProduct Manager at Soldo · Written
    You sign up for the year at a low fee and rent a car as and when you need it. It's often much cheaper than renting through traditional sources like Enterprise. I am using this for an extra car the week of my wedding, actually!
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    Last few times have used Zoom in Bangalore, India. Pick up, drop off plus car was in good condition.. So havent really shopped around looking for altenatives, as they provided a good service.
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    RelayRides is now Turo
    MakeinfoProductivity with few clicks !!! · Written
    Heard its a good car sharing marketplace