Taras Talimonchuk
Taras TalimonchukCreative Director at Terraleads

What app do you use to build review and approval creative workflow?

I`m looking for SAAS review & approval project management solution for creative teams. Key features: - multi usage with roles such as: publisher (designer), reviewer (project/product manager) - commenting artworks - quick annotations - version comparison - workflow features - logging approval process Affordable price of course ;) Thank you!
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    Planable 2.0

    Collaborate on any social content, from anywhere

    Vlad Calus
    Vlad Calus9CMO at Planable · Written
    Hey, Taras! I'm 100% Planable might help, since it has almost everything you're describing, including: - multiple role management (user permissions) - leave & resolve comments (like in Google Docs) - version history and version control (see the previous version and restore them if you like) - approval workflow (one click approval) - keep track of everything that's happening in the post & content.
    • Alin B
      Alin BProduct, Marketing & Biz Dev

      Finally the team at Planable finally released their long awaited mobile app so SM teams can review and approve on the go. If you're in the digital field you should definitely give it a try!

    • Jens Polomski
      Jens PolomskiOnline Marketing Geek from Germany

      Planable is just great! Using it for a few months now already. Finaly, there is the app! :) I can´t wait for more features just like posting out of your app and so on.

      Great job guys, keep up the good work!

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    A secure, version-controlled hub for your design files

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIER6Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo · Written
    We're about to give Abstract a try at Forest Admin (www.forestadmin.com). Great feedback from other creative teams so far.
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    • Alexander Lozada
      Alexander LozadaProduct Designer

      It's a great concept but the implementation is still lacking; resource usage is incredibly high, the application is frustratingly slow, and the amount of bugs encountered is in the tens per day.

    • Daniel Cunha
      Daniel CunhaProduct designer at Uphold Inc.

      This is a new way to manage design work. I really appreciate their app pretty new and pretty awesome. Recommended for small and medium and larger design teams who are working with product apps.