Tyler van der Hoeven
Tyler van der HoevenDeveloper, Baremetrics

What ad networks do you recommend?

I've heard of AdSense and DoubleClick and a few others but I'm super new to serving ads online and while I know it can be a touchy subject I know some of you guys are doing it and I'd like to know where the good sites and services are.
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    ad re-targetting on mobile and web

    It depends for which purpose do you need that. For remarketing use AdRoll Also, see these ones: 1. Perfect Audience - remarketing 2. Facebook Ads - social and remarketing 3. Taboola - native ads 4. Outbrain - native ads 5. Admob, Appnext etc. - mobile ads 6. Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter ads etc. - social ads 7. Bing, AdWords - search & display ads and more
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  2. Imrat Jn
    Imrat JnAffiliates Anonymous · Written
    Purpose is one factor. Geography is another. You can always go with the tier1 networks like Facebook and Google. But if your happy to dive deeper to tier2 and beyond, there is soooo much choice out there. So rather then listing them all - I prefer to use a tool like Thalamus to get an idea of what the top ad networks for a specific country are. Especially the explore vendors tab is a great tool for finding some hidden gem.