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What app you are using for font creation and why?

Hi Folks, does anybody here ever created any fonts? Which software have you used or tried? Could you recommend something out there?
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    A simple vector illustration tool.

    Amrith Shanbhag6Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd Β· Written
    I haven't tried it to make fonts but looks promising πŸ€”
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    Easily design custom fonts in a few steps

    Ali R. TariqProduct Designer, Axonify Β· Written
    Recently used this - pretty neat experience that has potential to grow.
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      MaxJS Developer

      This reminds me of website templates from Themeforest. You can make a lot of stuff with them and it can be really good, but you can only do so much.

      The product and it's idea are truly great but if it explodes we'll see these fonts everywhere :D

      If the team keeps adding new presets regularly though, this is 146% great tool I would highly recommend.

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      Diana SmithInventor, Business Developer -@simpleseo

      I personally, could easily see myself spending hours doing it. That's my MO. As soon as I saw it today I wanted to play with it. Icer for us more choices in science but also mixed with themes that you could show these two types of fonts go with this kind of theme and you can change the color for someone like me that would work very well this is too much

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    Fontself Maker

    Create fonts in Illustrator CC with drag and drop

    If you've already have Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, Fontself is a good options. It outputs svg .otf, which behaves just like a normal .otf in programs that don't support svg .otf.
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    IreneGraphic designer, Humanity Β· Written
    I've made several fonts with FontLab Studio and it's a very flexible tool (available for Both Mac and PC).
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    used the pc version of this!
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    IreneGraphic designer, Humanity Β· Written
    Glyphs is also pretty awesome, great UI&UX (available for Mac only)
    philipptemmel✌🏼Founder @dyfemagazine | Design Student · Written
    I can definitly recommend glyphs! I had to create a custom font as a seminarwork at university and this tool was a gamechanger. There is a learningcurve but if you know the features it is a really great tool.
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    Faye Ghunting for better solutions Β· Written
    It is a new app that came out last month, the interface is very simple and neat, it contains all the basic features. Coinbox basically updates every week which means it is a growing product that I can rely on. More importantly, coinbox team would like to know the opinions from the users and always put the users' needs on the top of the list.