Which apps have genuinely improved your sleep?

Especially interested in apps that have helped with long-term insomnia.
15 recommended
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    Sleep as Android

    Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking

    Probably the best app out there for Android. Works great with my Xiaomi Band 2. The "Smart alarm" feature works like magic waking me up in the most optimal time. Also couldn't get out of the bed without a having to take a picture of a QR inside my bathroom.
    Kate Chernyaeva
    Kate ChernyaevaOnline marketing specialist, SEMrush · Written
    This one! The only alarm clock I've been using for the last two years. Side effect - you become really good at math very quickly if you choose math equations as your CAPTCHA
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    A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep pattern

    North McCormick
    North McCormickCreative Engineer, Soloist app developer · Written
    In addition: SleepCycle with a paired Apple Watch is a neat combo. They have some new features that use taps to tell your body to stop snoring and wake you up with automatic snoozing based on your movements. I think it is possibly the most useful app with my Watch.
    Cyn Armistead
    Cyn ArmisteadAtlanta, GA, US · Written
    It helps me determine which factors contribute to good sleep and it wakes me up gently!
    Mohamad Al Sadoon
    Mohamad Al SadoonMarketing Director at Stay22 · Written
    This app tracks your sleep pattern throughout the night and wakes you when you are in the right sleep cycle, I've been waking up feeling great ever since I started using it.
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    SleepX for iOS

    The ultimate sleep cycle app for Apple Watch

    Anton Dbau
    Anton DbauGrowth Manager · Written
    Great product, I’ve been trying this out for a few days and I love the ability to glance at my remaining energy levels in the morning. Very attractive app design too
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    ŌURA Ring v2.0

    Advanced sleep and fitness tracker

    Jordan Lejuwaan
    Jordan LejuwaanCreator of Slash / ZeroSpace / Futurism · Written
    From what I've seem, Oura is the only accurate sleep tracker. It gives you accurate data with real, usable recommendations for improving sleep. They also just added a feature for tracking other data, like if you drank alcohol, to find other correlations.
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    Pillow for iOS

    An iOS companion that helps you sleep better 💤

    Using Pillow for some month now and I love it! It monitors your sleep and had an smart alarm that wakes you up very smooth in the morning. Works with the Apple Watch and more features coming in the next big mayor update. Check it out :)
    Dana Parsons
    Dana ParsonsNew Venture Director, Highline BETA · Written
    Helped me record and analyse when I am actually asleep!
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    Pzizz 5.0

    Fall asleep fast. Wakeup transformed.

    Rockwell Shah made this product
    "Love Pzizz... Best I've used by a mile" -J.K. Rowling "Hibbert credits the app for helping cure his insomnia" -Roy Hibbert, NBA Player to Sports Illustrated "It really works!" -His Royal Highness, The Duke of York "Pzizz has changed my life. I actually believe it's saved my life. I suffer from chronic insomnia from PTSD... THANK YOU for creating and sharing this indispensable app with the world! Sweet dreams!" -Julia Wright, a really nice lady from California
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    Sleep Orbit
    I love droning. And this app gives me the exact specific kind of droning I want. Not only are there tons of sounds to choose from, also not only can I structure/mix the sounds in the exact way I want, I can also upload my own sounds. I use this to sleep every night with a bluetooth speaker on the nightstand. Bonus: I use it for working too!
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    Take a break and meditate.

    I really like their "Sleep Stories" – basically bedtime stories for adults. Some of them are even created to induce ASMR.
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    Improve nightly rituals with bedtime stories & meditations

    I've been using the app for a couple weeks now and it's helped me go to sleep. Really like the ASMR content, along with the free sleep tracker and smart alarm clock.
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    Mi Band

    $13 fitness band, first wearable from Xiaomi (pre-launch)

    Deniz Vatan
    Deniz VatanDeveloper, sailor, dart player, diver .. · Written
    Mi Band 2 also recommended.
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    Sleep stories & meditations for insomniacs 😴

    Michael Brandon
    Michael BrandonFounder, Slumber · Written
    Michael Brandon made this product
    Great for those with anxiety based insomnia...
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    Simple Habit

    Meditation for people who never have time

    Robert McLaws
    Robert McLawsCo-Founder, CloudNimble and BurnRate · Written
    I used to have serious problems getting to sleep. Now, I use SimpleHabit to do one of any number of sleep meditations, and I sleep MUCH better. I also rarely get insomnia now, where it used to be a huge problem.
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    Mindset 2.0

    Retrain your subconscious. Hypnosis app for skeptics.

    Me and my girlfriend use Mindset every night. Ibused to take about an hour every night tofall asleep but now im asleep <10 minutes every night.
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    Can't Sleep

    AI music scientifically designed for sleep

    Thomas Dickson made this product
    I'm the founder of Can't Sleep and I personally use this app every night. I was able to improve my sleep quality despite being a good sleeper by 7% (measured using pillow). "I just turn on the app, press play and I can't remember falling asleep" - Raissa Martin (Australian Paralympian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjcOQbg-lyw
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    Mobile security is more and more important nowadays, that’s why I think no matter who you are, what you do. You will need an app to protect your phone! I am using this app called ‘AppLock’, which is amazing because it can lock all of my apps, images even videos. This app is always on my list when it comes to app recommendation. The one thing that I like the most about this app is that it can take photos of the person who’s trying to unlock your phone! This feature is really funny because I always got the intruder selfie notification from my kids. They are trying really hard to unlock my phone for video games. If you are a cautious people, you really do need one of this app.