Muhammad Saad Khan
Muhammad Saad KhanGrowth Hacker, Cloudways

Is there any theme available to build a website like StartupStash?

I am looking to build a website like and Is there any theme available to use?
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Ben@wp_in · Just a geezer, likes the shiny, shiny.
@tamedo +1 for the Chumpmunktheme it's pretty darn awesome
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Dineshprabu S
Dineshprabu S@dineshsprabu · Software @ Freshworks
@invinciblesaad You can use simple bootstrap grids to do that.
Ramakrishna Anand
Ramakrishna Anand@jranand · Founder,
@invinciblesaad You can try Curata Wordpress Theme - - I am the maker of this Wordpress theme. I've launched a new site using this theme called - Curated resources to launch your startup without writing code, wasting time or money.
Muhammad Saad Khan
Muhammad Saad Khan@invinciblesaad · Growth Hacker, Cloudways
@jranand Thanks.
Ben Parker@rileyrichter · Customer Success @ Webflow
@invinciblesaad I would highly recommend Webflow! So easy to accomplish this and have TOTAL control!
Adith Victor
Adith Victor@adithvictor · Makers Up & Founder Stuff
Herman Starikov
Herman Starikov@hermanhasawish · Dev 𐄁 Maker 𐄁 Toronto
@invinciblesaad easily build a theme, export to bootstrap & sketch
Tom van den Heuvel
Tom van den Heuvel@tom_van_den_heuvel · Founder & Growth Hacker @ 🚀
@invinciblesaad This might help: it is designed as a job board theme, but can also be perfectly used for this.
Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes@pedro_nunes
@invinciblesaad Generate the website from Google Sheets
Girish patil
Girish patil@g__patil · indie hacker
@invinciblesaad I had built a small website on tools for remote teams. it is a curation themed. So maybe you can check it out. You can fork it if needed
I am the maker of Creation Web UI kit , I think you can try it. It is the Biggest library of UI kit ever. Creation is the perfect startup Web UI kit for designers and developers. It is a huge pack UI kit with over 1700 fully customized blocks and 250+ sample pages. you can learn more about the theme via link:
Rich Peterson
Rich Peterson@richp_ · Founder @ Generous Work
@invinciblesaad Chipmunk theme ( ) is awesome. Some of the sites I've built with it include and .
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