Bradley Poulette
Bradley PouletteProduct Manager & Founder

What's the best Squarespace competitor?

I have programming knowledge, including web, and I'm wondering if there's something more powerful than Squarespace out there for web creation that is just as time-saving. Would love to hear reasons for responses.
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    Make commerce better for everyone.

    It depends on which type of competitor would you like to see. For the ecommerce shops, their main competitor is Shopify. Has a lot of integrations and very simple to use.
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    Velo by Wix

    Build advanced web applications, hassle-free

    It depends on which type of competitor would you like to see. For the business or portfolio websites, their main competitor is WIX
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    Content management as a service

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    I really like static sites with an API-based CMS. These sites load extremely fast and have fewer security concerns than your average site building tools. After a lot of research, I picked Prismic. Recently, they have added great features for internationalization and working with slices (think adaptable blocks of content, like in Medium). The team is super responsive and helpful. Their Slack channel is surprisingly active. Check it out!