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What app do you use to track your sleep?

Looking for a great collection of apps for sleep tracking
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    A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep pattern

    Braxton HuffFounder of Porter, Creator, UI Designer · Written
    I've used Sleep Cycle for the past two years. The statistics and trends are beneficial and allow me to understand what I can do to get better sleep. All of the trends the app shares are insightful and share when, as well as where, I get the best sleep. Fun fact: I've spent 8.2 months in bed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. 10
    Sleep as Android

    Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking

    Probably the best app out there for Android. Works great with my Xiaomi Band 2. The "Smart alarm" feature works like magic waking me up in the most optimal time. Also couldn't get out of the bed without a having to take a picture of a QR inside my bathroom.
  3. 9
    Nokia Health Mate

    Total health tracking: activity, heart rate, weight, sleep

    Valentin ChrétienSketch Icons Maker · Written
    I use the Sleep Sensor that I put under my mattress because I do not like to sleep with a bracelet around my wrist. I like this technology is fully integrated in my daily life seamlessly :)
  4. 2
    Pillow for iOS

    An iOS companion that helps you sleep better 💤

    Works well on Apple Watch. Can write data to Apple Health (but paid version is required). Has alarm clock integrated with useful options (full recovery, nap, powernap etc). Beautiful charts :)
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    Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch

    Shawn O'NeillFounder of Maplegum Ventures · Written
    I have an Apple watch and this is the best app I've found so far for making the most of it and my iphone.
  6. Michał K. Feiler (ArchieT)Computer Science student, UMK Toruń · Written
    Allows to access sleep data from a Mi Band 2 in a greater extent than the Mi Fit app
  7. Michał K. Feiler (ArchieT)Computer Science student, UMK Toruń · Written
    I used to use it because it was free and had this great day-split week sleep timeline plot. Still missing it. Sadly, last time I used it it was a totally outdated piece of software with some problems.