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What are the best ad blockers for macOS Safari?

I'm looking the best and stable ad blocker for macOS (Safari)
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    Block ads, trackers & more with 1Blocker

    I really like 1Blocker, though it can be a bit buggy at times. It's based on Apple's Content Blocker API so very fast and light. Purify is apparently coming to Mac on the 30th as well so you might keep an eye on it as well.
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    ManuelCereal lover, internet fan, professional · Written
    Been using 1Blocker on Mac and iOS for a while now and it's really the best one out there.
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    An iPhone app that blocks ads, tracking & malicious content

    Imrat JnAffiliates Anonymous · Edited
    Free & privacy focused. With latest version can whitelist domains and syncs your settings between iOS and Safari.
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    AdGuard Home

    Powerful network-wide tool against ads & tracking

    Eivind Lindbråten🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway. · Written
    It does a better job at blocking ads than 1Blocker in my opinion, and supports more filters (e.g. Norwegian filter). Also syncs to iOS.
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    Adblock Plus (ABP)
    Works great in Europe.